Gabby Giffords looking “tough” for her constituents with an AR-15 at a range.


The Hypocrisy runs deep among those who would take away your right to defend your family with effective tools.

Take Gabby Giffords, the brain-damaged former Congressman from Arizona.

When she needed to project a “tough as nails, law and order” image as a Democrat running for Congress in a pro-gun state, the AR-15 – America’s favorite rifle – is her best friend.  Especially when posing next to a perforated thug target.

And then to add some icing to the cake, there’s the PR photo of her shooting an AK-style rifle.

Well, how about “holding” an AK-style rifle.

Now that she’s employed to campaign against your civil rights, America’s favorite rifle is the scourge of the earth.

George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires of their ilk who have almost everything they could want thanks to money…  everything except our civil rights.

They’re hiring people like Gabby Giffords and Sarah Brady and a handful of other political hacks to dance in the blood of slain victims of evil and lobby politicians to curtail our civil right to defend our families from violent attack.

Meanwhile, while Gabby’s struggling with simple sentences, her husband Mark Kelly is out buying one of America’s favorite rifles.

When publicity caught up with him, he claimed that he was buying it to demonstrate how easy it was to buy America’s favorite rifle.

Reports later came out that because the specimen he purchased was used, he had to wait 20 days to pick it up.

Hardly what a reasonable person would consider “easy”, right?

And then there’s this lobbyist in Colorado that billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg hired to strip Colorado residents of their right to own modern firearms.

Adam Eichberg, pictured above with the big grin and his finger on the trigger of one of the rifles exactly like he’s now working hard to ban for Colorado residents…  along with the magazine it’s fitted with.

Nice guy, eh?

It’s just another example of the leftist, ruling-class hypocrisy.

Just like “We can’t have guns in schools in the hands of teachers and administrators!  They’re dangerous!” yet these same critics are fine with armed guards protecting their kids.

Just like how regular Americans can’t have modern firearms yet these politicians are fine with their bodyguards using them in the course of their duties.

Just like how Dianne Feinstein has a carry permit for California and few others in her district get one.

10 thoughts on “HYPOCRISY RUNS DEEP among gun haters”
  1. I love this site and really like and respect your work. I just want to comment that it takes away from your message when you poke fun at how Gabby Gifford’s talks. I agree that she’s a hypocrite and that it’s ok to slam her for WHAT she’s saying but it’s a bit low to make fun of how she’s saying it given the circumstances. In my opinion it just makes you look bad for doing it.

    1. I do not see where John made fun of her. He was in fact speaking truthful information. She is indeed unfortunately brain damaged and she is a former congresswoman.
      Upon examining the photos, I am certain she was using the gun display as an election tool and nothing more. Doesn’t take rocket science.
      I felt bad for her, but not any more.

    1. The shame should not be on John B. for pointing this out. The shame should be on the leftist gun haters who are USING former Congresswoman Giffords to mouth sentence that they write, counting on the fact that nobody will say anything against her. I’m not against her. I’m against the words that they are putting in her mouth.

  2. Speaking of hipocrisy, do we know if Jessie Jackson, Jr. had his FOID revoked and his guns taken yet?

  3. Illinois is the only state that has no concealed carry law and yet Chicago has the highest murder rate in the nation. Question for all Illinoians is this HOW MANY State troopers guard Governor and HOW MANY Chicago police officers protect Mayor of Chicago that should be protecting the citizens of this state. If the damn politicians are so afraid then how do they comprehend how the rest of us feel. Hell I do not have a FOOD TASTER like our president, ha ha

  4. I enjoy the information on this site. I write to elected officials outside of my home state when I see them attacking my fellow Americans’ freedom. I get most of that information here. However, the single syllable sentence description really adds nothing constructive herein. I get the point of the post, and I agree on the hypocrisy shown, but we don’t need one questionable sentence diluting or distracting from the message.

  5. Changed the sentence for the folks who believe it’s unfair to describe how Gabby now talks…

  6. The biggest significance behind analyzing Gabby Giffords’ situation is the understanding that the same injury that has impaired her ability for speech may very well have impaired her other faculties. The same reason she resigned is the same reason people should question what she has to say; not necessarily how she says it.

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