Email from the Field Marshal of pro-gun forces in Springfield at the State Capitol:

As we thought, the leadership is working overtime to try and find the votes to pass the magazine ban in the Illinois House of Representatives.

We are working to kill this thing off again, but we are getting very little notice of things right now.  We are doing this on the fly right now

We need to light up the phones and emails.



Don’t know your representative’s numbers?  We can help.  Click here.


Make those calls.  Make their lives busy, especially suburban and Chicagoland representatives… of both parties.

And call the Speaker’s office and tell him the same thing.  (217) 782-5350

The message to deliver:

No gun bans

No mag bans

Shall-issue right-to-carry.

No more games.




URGENT:  House Speaker Continues Assault on the Second Amendment in Illinois

Trickery and Chicago-style politics employed to ram gun control scheme through state House

House Speaker Mike Madigan continues to force votes on dozens of amendments filed on shell bills in an effort to build his own omnibus gun control bill.  Your state Representative needs to hear from you NOW!  Due to Madigan?s trickery and forceful behavior, votes on these amendments have been too close for comfort.  Time is of the essence:  More anti-gun amendments could come up on the House floor this afternoon, and anti-gun politicians are turning up the heat to get your state Representative to vote against your Second Amendment rights in Springfield.  Urge your state Representative to stand strong in the face of these deceptive tactics, and vote to protect YOUR Second Amendment rights!

At this time, NRA-ILA has heard that a strict magazine ban amendment, which failed only narrowly, will be heard again today.  The House floor votes are close, so every call AND e-mail to your state Representative will make a difference.

Remind your state Representative that he or she represents you!  Call AND e-mail them NOW.  Don?t let them get away with punishing law-abiding citizens for the acts of criminals!

Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.


====== UPDATE 2 ======

Todd writes:

Earlier today, we were told by more than one legislator that leadership was trying to bring back the magazine ban for a vote today.

Evidently they are having a hard time finding the last 3 votes to pass their confiscation bill. This afternoon reports are coming in about gun owners lighting up the phone lines in opposition to the magazine ban.

The House adjourned this afternoon without taking up the magazine ban, but will be back tomorrow morning. Your calls are having an impact and please keep it up. Your work today bought us more time in this fight to keep them from getting the votes to pass their latest attack on the Second Amendment.

11 thoughts on “ALERT: Light up the switchboards of the Illinois House! UPDATE 2”
  1. Games is all the Chicago machine knows. I went to both offices today of my Senator and Represenative and lodged my opinion for what it is worth to Springfield. Fortunately both of my represenatives agree with me in this mtter

  2. Now just think if that effort was done for Constitutional Carry instead of permission slips……

    1. If Madigan keeps his crap going trying to ban mags and guns instead of a clean ccw bill, time will slip away from him and we will have constitutional carry.

  3. I think it is time to start an advertising campaign. Buy radio ads on stations targeted toward the Chicago and Metro-East political constituents that are having their civil rights infringed upon by the respective legislators. If we can get folks from the metropolitan areas to call their reps, maybe they can force the issue to go in the right direction. If nothing else, if the politicians here there names being spoken in a negative vein, maybe they will notice, grow a spine and stand up to Comrade Madigan. Folks in the rural area don’t have any influence on gun grabbers. Our reps are generally on our side. It’s the yahoos in Cook and Collar Counties that need to step up and represent their people. Radio advertising works. Let’s figure out how to pay the tab for ads.

  4. It is time for Chicago ie Gov. Quinn, Madigan, Cullerton & even Durbin to STOP using the gang murder and violence problem to promote their PERSONAL political agenda and get busy protecting IL citizens.
    Gangs are nothing more than domestic terrorists, and should be treated accordingly. If you have to use drones in the U.S. borders, here is the reason.

    1. hey what the saying, ” don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. Dems know how to do that all day long.

  5. I called Madigan’s and Rosenthal’s offices. The guy who I talked to at Madigan’s office volunteered that the magazine ban vote for yesterday was cancelled. The lady at Rosenthal’s office said she didn’t know when the magazine ban would be voted on again.

  6. It is time we took our state back from those in Chicago. If we stick together we should be able to out vote them. Stick them back in their corner of Illinois and don’t give them anything.

  7. Please ask your state representative to name one murder that was not covered by an existing law. Ask your representative what mass shooting took place that did not have a complete ban of all guns on the premises? They didn’t even allow a one round magazine on the premise. Mass shooters are cowards by nature and don’t care about the laws you write! Mass shooter’s will choose the places legislators choose to ban guns 1st!
    Footnote; VP Joe Biden’s double barrel shotgun idea of shooting two rounds in the air is illegal, dangerous and a great way to get your family dead while they try to reload the shotgun.
    Look up the Colorado’s mass shooting in the church and see what stopped it….…No not the police they didn’t come for 15 minutes…… You’ll find it was ended by a woman exercising her conceal and carry right and confronted the shooter. I couldn’t believe it was in an MSMBC peace ( I bet it caused a 9.0 on the Richter scale in the house of liberal)

  8. The demons on the left will never give up and never should we!
    This is why compromise is so bad if we crack the door a little the left will stick their foot in it and never pull it out again.

    Thats why i am so angry with the compromise stunt we call the FOID card law today!

    The ISRA should have never wrote the law in the first place!

    We need a grass roots movement across this state and the nation too encourage the REPEAL process of ALL gun control laws!

    We should have constitutional carry instead of Conceal Carry and we should have NO foid cards

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