… As evidenced by a post at AR15.com that was posted at Armslist and picked up by Second City Cop.

This isn’t the first “sting” conducted by so-called peace officers acting at the behest of anti-gun administrators.

They’ve been at gun shows in years past, trying to make arrests of dealers for failing to ask for a FOID card.  Some years ago, the Attorney General sent some investigators to drop a $20 bill on a dealer’s table and walk away with a box of shells, then they would come back a few hours later and arrest the dealer.

Or our friends at the Illinois State Police have been ordered to get in on the action at gun shows as well as they would conduct a sting trying to get unknowing gun owners to sell their guns privately without waiting the requisite number of hours to complete the transfer.  Sadly, many Illinois gun owners don’t know that you must wait on private transfers, just like you must wait to buy a gun through a gun store.

In any event, the boys in brown in Chicagoland are the latest to invest huge resources to pinch unknowing gun owners when they have no shortage of drug dealers, gang violence, corrupt politicians and other real crime that’s going unattended so these deputies can pinch a gun owner on a minor felony.

Furthermore, they skated on dangerously thin 1983 ice if the facts are as alleged by a man posting as “StainlessSteel” on AR15.com.



I had a rifle on armslist that I was looking to dump, nothing important. When I received a email from a buyer telling me they wanted to purchase the rifle. We exchanged phone numbers. I received a text last friday asking me to meet the buyer. I was working, but wasn’t busy.

They wanted to meet in Oak Park, I said NO WAY.

They recommended a different spot. I agreed, the Portillos on Roosevelt and DesPlanes. There is a gun range a couple of blocks from there that I thought would be a better place but, it was Friday and I was more afraid of rush hour then I was of the location.

Long story short, it smelled and looked wrong. the car was a pick up with black windows. I’m thinking gangbanger. When I pull up two guys get out of the car, but they are both older white guys. They didn’t match the car. They look over the rifle, but when it comes time to sign the paper work, the guy doesn’t have a FOID card. He tells me he has a domestic arrest.

I tell him I can’t sell him the rifle, he offers more money, I reject his offer. He keeps try. I keep saying NO.

Next thing I know, there are 50 cops surrounding me, they are searching my car, and handcuffing me and toss me in the back of a car.

Within 15 minutes I’m in the Maywood sheriff station. They are asking where I live, how many guns do I own, how many I’ve sold. The experience was rough and distressing. I didn’t want to answer any questions.

All I can think is that I’m in handcuffs for some reason, did I break a law I wasn’t aware of. If I answer a question wrong I end up in a jump suit.

Turns out, I didn’t break any laws. They want me to give them information that I didn’t have. I almost had a heart attack. I walked out an hour later with my rifle.

What the bloody hell was that. Is this how we threat citizens when political fortunes are on the line. It took me a week before I had the nerve to post on this site. I use be mad at people who refused to sell to cook county residents. Now I understand, its not worth it.

How native was I, be-careful. FTF is hard enough without having to worry about bogus stings.


The cops at Second City Cop aren’t impressed with Dart’s shenanigans.

We aren’t lawyers, but we know a few, and this stinks to high heaven. Almost entrapment by “suggesting” the transfer take place in Oak Park. After numerous refusals to sell the weapon to a known Domestic Battery offender, insisting and raising the offer?  This badgering wouldn’t stand up in any real courtroom – of course, they took him to Maywood, so who knows what would have been lied about over there.

Doesn’t Dart have some puppies to rescue rather than putting millions of taxpayer dollars at risk on a “sting” that doesn’t even pass the smell test?

8 thoughts on “BEWARE: Cook County Sheriff conducting stings on private sales…”
  1. These guys are playing games. If nothing else, making honest private party gun sales feel like a dope deal. Private pary sales for some rifle, boom, make an arrest, big media scare, Dart racing to get in front of a camera, some Revrum talking about how the chillen’ be at risk, yadda yadda. All at the expense of destroying some regular guy to please some political agenda? F that.
    First, no deals for uuw by a felon. (That’s probation lots of the time in cook county) no deals for gangsters caught w guns, even first timers. Lastly, concealed carry, even for Chicagos dwindling honest citizens!

    1. Quinn just signed a bill a year or two ago that has a mandatory minimum for Unlawful Use of Weapons…


  2. Too bad we can’t get those resources put to gang activites, maybe something productive could be done? Maybe not.

    1. You’re kidding, right? Chicago politicians (mayor Rhambo) are paying gang-bangers, supposedly, to “decrease” gang/gun “violence”, …the gang-bangers are laughing all the way to “the bank” (as if they would actually put their ill-gotten monetary gains in an actual bank). The politicians and the gang-bangers need to go to jail/prison.

  3. See why it’s bogus to create a carry permission slip? It’s all a maze created to trap the innocent just like transfers.

    It’s time to stand and stand firm. Rights, not permissions and hoops to jump through- only to be hassled like this fella says he was.

    Lets put an end to this shall we?
    Lets stand together, for RIGHTS.

  4. I blame the ISRA for some of this nonsense Had they not wrote then supported the FOID card law we not have to deal with this BS today.

    Why is there NO effort made to repeal the FOID card law?

    1. I agree.. the FOID card is a joke! When you go to purchase a firearm they call in your SS number to do a check anyways. FOID is another way for the state of Illinois to make money.

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