Here’s a cute “game” for you:  Walk into a shop, pretend like you have a gun in your pocket or under your shirt and scream like a lunatic for everyone to get down.

This stunt by “Neg” on British TV is supposed to be comedy.

Try it in America, where citizens often carry the means with which to protect themselves and a sheepdog is going to take a big bite out of what a reasonable person would believe to be a violent armed robber.



This is similar to a recent video shot in New York City of what seemed to be a murder in progress on an elevator, where an assailant is strangling a second man and the video cameras capture the reactions of people waiting for the elevator.


Now, in New York City, where the citizens are defenseless little sheeple watched over by their nanny-state dictator Mayor Michael “Billionaire Babysitter” Bloomberg, it’s not surprising how many of the women have a bigger set of cajones than many of the neutered men.

Try that in Indianapolis or Paducah or Nashville and the actor playing the murderer might well catch himself a hot lead suppository in his brain housing group.

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