The full Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has denied Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s motion for an en banc review of the Moore decision which struck down Illinois prohibition on right-to-carry outside the home.

June 9th, BABY!

I can’t wait to carry my Glock in the Illinois Statehouse on June 10th!

Read it here.


23 thoughts on “IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan SMACKED DOWN by Seventh Circuit”
  1. Why limit yourself to a Glock? I have poor eyesight and shaky hands, but I don’t mind carrying the extra weight. It’s rifle time, Lisa Simpson (make it a bad, black rifle).

  2. One of the desenting judges mentioned his fear that concealed carry would lead to shoot outs in the street. You would think a federal judge would know that this has not happenned in the 49 ohter states that already have concealed carry. So why would Illinois be any different?

    1. Jim P.,
      Unfortunately, there ARE federal judges who are influenced or even guided in giving their opinions. As you indicated, if due research had been done, there would have been NO basis found for his statement. I wonder who appointed him?
      I would more likely visualize the criminals breaking out their illegal arms and victimizing the innocent, law abiding citizens nationwide in celebration of disarmament just like they already do now in Murder City (Chicago).

  3. Currently watching and listening to Chicago PD Superintendent @ the Committee Hearing. I plainly want to throw up. The lies he is spewing is remarkable. If Chicago considers him an outstanding Police Officer, I’m ashamed to call myself one.

    I hope Todd blows everyone out of the water.

    1. Once again certain Legislators try to trip Todd through their doublespeak. I am proud of the way Todd represents me and The 2nd !!

  4. This is the BEST news I’ve heard today! The VERY best! Thanks, GSL, for all you’ve done to make this happen for us!!!!

    By the way, did anyone else hear the story yesterday that Biden is calling Colorado legislators to ‘sweet talk’ (read: bribe) some pro-gun Democrats into switching their votes to support the whacky legislation they are debating???? Troubling, indeed! The point was made if ‘they’ can swing a state like CO toward gun control legislation, the rest of the Mountain West will surely be pressured into following suit. Bears watching. (Source for story: The Blaze and Glenn Beck radio).

  5. Guys, while this is a victory, it is NOT over yet.

    She will undoubtedly petition the Supreme Court for certiorari. She will probably ask for and may receive a stay of the lower court’s judgment.

    It’s not over.

    But I’m glad, nonetheless.

  6. Sorry to follow up so quick…..won’t happen again.

    I just wanted to add that judge David hamilton is one of the DUMBEST pseudo-intellectuals I’ve ever had the displeasure to encounter.

    He’s the judge who, while in IN, well, I’ll just quote it here: “On November 30, 2005, the court entered a final judgment and permanent
    injunction ordering the Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives not to permit sectarian prayers as part of the official proceedings of the House. Hinrichs v. Bosma, — F. Supp. 2d —, 2005 WL 3263883 (S.D. Ind. Nov. 30, 2005).”

    He’s an anti-Christian EVIL man. EVIL as in Satan’s representative here on Earth.

    He’s as liberal a puking liberal puke as puke ever puked liberal or liberal ever puked puke.

    This man is positive reinforcement for the overthrow of our government. He’s an IDIOT in a black robe. Vile. Despicable.

    now, if you wanna know how I really feel about ol’ DH, just corner me at the next meetin’!

  7. Hi,
    I’m seeing comments that I would really like for someone to clarify. Do I understand that IF no legislation is passed by the June 9, 2013 deadline, that Constitutional Carry becomes the law of the land in Illinois, and that any/all law abiding Illinois residents with a FOID card card may carry side arms and/or long guns ANYWHERE?
    Also, how about non residents? Can they carry side arms or long guns anywhere also?

  8. Well, citizens, I toured the Texas Capitol Building with my 229 SIG (.357 S&W). When I got to the metal detectors there was a sign “concealed carry here.” I showed them my permit and they scanned it, and in about five seconds, the Capitol Police smiled and said: “Go ahead, you are all clear.” There was no other check necessary, they trusted me. People have to be made to understand that when responsible and self-reliant citizens carry firearms- everybody is safer.

  9. I know the people at this website know that things are not right in Chicago. Sounds like it is the next Detroit, unless the politics there in cleaned up in a major way. We cannot sit on our hands or celebrate these little victories, which in reality are defensive retreats. If FREEDOM in to win, if America is to survive the fight must be taken to the traitors. The banking scandals must be exposed and the people must be made to realize that their money, freedoms, property, and their very country is being stolen from beneath their noses. There is no middle ground: it will be total victory or total defeat. If we do not arrest these vicious, thieving, murderers (make no mistake, this is no exaggeration)our children and those of us who survive will be SLAVES.

    1. Lamar,
      You are correct, but your observations should be applied to ALL of the U.S., and not just Chicago. Are you aware of watchdog groups who are actively working to uncover crime and corruption? Most of the average, uninformed persons would be shocked to learn about what all goes on in our government. Check out Judicial Watch, The Southeastern Legal Foundation, and the National Association for Gun Rights. Just slap 3 w’s in front of their names and seek them out. JW & NAGR are both orgs.
      I read the following in a recent issue of JW. An Obama aide told the Washington Post that bypassing the Constitution, Congress, and the will of the people will be the “new normal” in Obama’s 2nd term. The White House calls this activity “We Can’t Wait”.
      This form of governing action would be a dictatorship. It is the adminitration’s mantra to “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste”. Example: Murders by deranged person. Reaction: Ban Guns. Unfortunately, only the law abiding citizens would be penalized. Criminals would continue to obtain guns just as they have prevously, theft, murder, black market etc.
      If we, the people of the U.S. don’t work to preserve the 2nd Amendment, and it is lost, we would immediately be faced with a very difficult alternative, fight or flee to a more civilized country.

  10. “Constitutional Carry”
    What is wrong with following the Constitution of the United States?
    You freely took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. If you no longer intend to obey you oath, I accept your immediate resignation from all publicly supported positions.

    1. Mech,
      I fully agree! It is too bad that not enough people understood what Obama meant when he said that he was going to transform the country. Going from our present form of government to Socialism seems to be the direction he is wanting to take us. Our Founding Fathers were aware that for a free society to exist that the government needed to be divided into the three branches in order to maintain a balance of power. Obama wants to override the Legislative & Judicial branches. That yields a dictatorship.

  11. This is a good step in the right direction, BUT, we ain’t there yet. Don’t think that Chicago will let this happen without a big fight. They don’t just twist down state democrat’s arms, they’ll threaten to break them. WE all must stay on top of our congress critters and keep the phones ringing and go to IGOLD!

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