We’ve been remiss in keeping ya’all up to speed on our little friend Natalie’s escapades.

She’s the married mom of five boys (that’s a lot of testosterone) who has decided to become part of the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in America:  women.

She got herself a 9mm pistola now after picking up her first handgun a couple of months ago.

And she looks as though she knows what she’s doing with that 9mm and looks good doing it.

What more could you ask for?

Yeah, I know.  Pictures.

Her nail polish matches rather nicely as well.  You’ll have to ask her to submit some pics of her shooting, smiling and generally having a good time popping some caps into some targets… or maybe participating in some formal training later this spring.

Oh yeah, the gun.  It’s a Kahr CW9 – her first center-fire pistol.  She’s not kidding around.

I’ll let you click through and see her first target.  Suffice it to say, I think it should make a bad guy move on down the street to someone else’s house.

She’s also got a pretty good rant about King Obama cutting back on meals for the troops entitled:  DC Dirtbags Cut Breakfast For Soldiers.

There’s more as well.



One thought on “BelRockCity Girl got herself a purdy 9mm pistola”
  1. I have a CW45 and had an issue w/ the slide stop sliding out of the side of the pistol after 3 mags. I called Kahr and they sent me a new spring which seems to have solved the problem.

    Sometimes breakfast is the only hot meal a soldier’s mission schedule might allow for. After coming in from being out in the dark on a stressful convoy in the wee hours, a hot breakfast was certainly of some comfort. I could tell stories of food disparity in theater (Iraq in my case), but I’ll save that for another time.

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