A shot up pickup truck containing two older females mistaken for a black Nissan pickup truck driven by a 6′ 270# black male. Notice the fine marksmanship?  And the two little old ladies in the pickup truck weren’t even shooting back!


Los Angeles Police have shot up two occupied pickup trucks now in their search for the crazed gun control proponent Chris Dorner.

Dorner, the leftist Obama-loving ex-LAPD cop fired for lying, has declared a jihad on LAPD.

LAPD’s members are scared for their lives.  Unfortunately, in their hair-trigger nervousness, they are opening up, without provocation, on pickup trucks they fear might contain Dorner.

First, they shot up a blue pickup truck with two Hispanic women, one in her 70s.

Then they shot up a black pickup truck, the occupants there escaping relatively uninjured.

Police detectives investigate a shooting scene involving a black Honda pickup truck in Torrance, California, February 7, 2013. Police opened fire on the vehicle in a case of mistaken identity while searching for former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner suspected in a shooting spree that killed three and wounded two others. The occupants of the truck were uninjured. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

So far, Dorner has killed three and wounded a fourth.

Thus far, LAPD has shot and wounded two innocents in their search for Dorner.  They’ve also killed a half-dozen plus cars, a few houses, trees and lord knows what else.

Stay tuned to see who shoots more people before this is over, the cops or Dorner.

One of our readers asked, “where did all those bullets go?”

Good question.

Here’s the answer…  on yeah, and the cops told the neighbors to file a damage claim.  I’d skip the claim form and find me a hungry trial attorney.


Dorner manhunt: LAPD gunfire hits Torrance homes, cars

Los Angeles (LA Times) – Residents in the quiet Torrance cul-de-sac where Los Angeles police mistakenly fired on two women delivering newspapers reported hearing a barrage of gunfire and discovered bullets that pierced cars, trees, roofs and garage doors.

…On Friday, Kathy Merkosky, 53, was outside her stucco home pointing out the six bullet holes that pierced the bumper and grille of her silver Acura MDX. She knew her SUV was damaged when she spotted it on television and “saw fluid flowing into the street.” Her radiator was busted, she said.

Her Ford Focus had two bullet holes as well — one bullet shattered the windshield and another penetrated her front left tire. Police officers told her husband to file a claim with the department, she said.

…Merkosky said she was in the shower when she heard what she thought were her kids banging on the bathroom door. She came out, only to realize  that it was gunshots. She estimated hearing about 60 shots.

…Next door, Richard Goo, 62, heard the same noise.

“When I heard all the pop-pop-popping, I dropped to the ground, crawled around and pulled my wife out of the bed and I got on top of her,” he said.

Goo said he could hear the bullets hitting the door, and he feared the gunmen were coming through the house. He called 911 and was told that police were already there.

After the incident, police ordered residents to stay indoors, but from his window Goo could see dozens of yellow markers on the ground used to mark the stray bullets. While out surveying the damage, he counted five bullets in his entryway, a bullet hole in his garage door, two bullets hits his silver Lexus and another bullet grazed the hood of his Oldsmobile.

“We are lucky because our cars are drivable, unlike our neighbors’,” he said.

…”How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large black male?” he asked.


16 thoughts on “LAPD counter-attack on innocent civilians rivals killer’s carnage”
  1. Might be time for residents of southern CA to dust off their copies of N.W.A.’s 1988 classic …

  2. I’m new to this blog and to GSL. While the shootings are questionable and disturbing my concern is the hate for the Police and the advocating of harm towards them. Since I am a Police Officer in central Illinois I guess I am the enemy to those who visit this blog.

    1. Hate for the police?

      No, we’re just holding them to the same standard that exists for everyone else.

      Not even police officers get to open fire on vehicles without justification… exactly what happened in these two cases with LAPD.

      If you consider that ‘hate’ towards police, you should recalibrate your detector.


    2. Evidence as to whether we can trust the police will come in the form of the punishment these two irresponsible LAPD receive. Are these cops in handcuffs or a cell awaiting arraignment? If I’d done what they did—blast away at two citizens who are no threat, unarmed, aren’t resisting, and don’t match the suspect description at all—that’s where I would be. I wouldn’t be chilling at home while some friends conduct an “investigation” and look for ways to justify my criminal recklessness.

    3. Ryan, imagine the following scenario. Say I was a victim of home invasion and got brutalized by a group of red haired Amish men driving a black buggy. A few days later I see a horse drawn wagon a few miles from my house. It’s not black, it doesn’t exactly look like an Amish buggy, and I definitely can’t see who the driver is from my vantage point. Most importantly, the wagon is moving away from me at a leisurely pace. Still, being traumatized by my experience with the marauding Amish just a few days prior, I grab my 30-30 and start unloading in the general direction of the vehicle. I end up seriously wounding two dark-haired Lutheran women in the wagon, kill their horse and cause significant damage to my neighbor’s house.

      What do you think should happen to me, officer? Should I be charged with an attempted murder or merely with an aggravated assault (which is still Class 4 felony since a firearm has been discharged)?

      If you think police officers are above the law and/or they should be held to a lower standard the members of the public, then you are right – I do hate you for that. Do yourself a favor and quit before you hurt someone. You’ll have your fellow officers’ eternal gratitude for doing the right thing.

  3. Hi Ryan – I’ve got a son-in-law, uncle, and close friend in active law enforcement. I don’t insider any of them ‘the enemy’, but I certainly would hold them all to higher standards than those exhibited by LAPD!
    And if I was a homeowner whose vehicles and home suffered this type of collateral damage from trigger happy cops, shooting at trucks not matching the description of Dorner, and containing two females instead of a black male… I’d sure as hell have some pointed questions that would need answers from those cops’ boss!
    They’re lucky one of their stray rounds (seem to be quite a few of them) didn’t kill some neighborhood child.

  4. I was referring to the suggestion to f*** [Editor: Ryan, this is a family website. Please, no F-bombs] the Police. I don’t have to readjust anything. I too would be asking questions about the shooting. I wasn’t there so I will not convict the Officers neither will I stand in support them at this point. An investigation has started into their actions. I was not commenting about the original story just the first comment.

    1. My point is that they already aren’t being held to the same standard as everyone else. I would be in jail already if I’d done what they did.

      Even if it is determined to be completely unjustified, will they be charged with aggravated battery with a firearm, reckless endangerment or attempted murder or their equivalents in California? I doubt it.

  5. Ryan – I had to use Google to even understand the first comment. I have been around GSL for years and have never seen anyone advocate hatred or violence toward police. If a police officer is full of it, we will call him/her on it (such as Chief McCarthy recently threatening to shoot people who carry concealed).

    GSL members are some of the most patriotic, law abiding, hard working citizens you will ever meet (I am a Physician). My wife and I have been through many GSL training courses. Several of the course instructors are law officers.

    Just about anyone can post here. Please don’t put a label on the whole group because of one person’s comment.

    As far as the LAPD – one rule hammered into me in every single GSL training class: Know your target and what is beyond. I am held to that standard. The LAPD should be, too. There is simply no excuse for what happened.

  6. Forgot about banning guns for private citizens. California should ban KILLER COPS.
    If the cops are threatened then they can just go out and Murder people and get away with it. These scumbag cowardly cop/terrorists are more of a problem then the bad guy they are looking for.

  7. Sorry about the language. I was not thinking when I typed my response. It will not happen again.
    After reading the main story the first comment I saw was one referencing a song from the 80’s that implied/advocated violence towards the Police. You can understand why violence towards Police would be an issue with me.
    As far as the shootings referenced in the main topic I was not there and know only the facts that have been presented in various news media reports. I have not read or heard of the involved Officer’s accounts and will not make a judgement without that information. Some may see that as defending the Police or not making a stand, but that is not what I am doing. There will be an investigation into the incident.
    No where did I type or say that as a Police Officer I am above the law. Do not think it and do not act that way.

  8. The Police/law enforcement officers are not the “enemy” until they act like an “enemy” by asaulting unarmed civilians without reguard for bystanders.

  9. …on a side note: Can we please stop refering to non-police as “civilians” in comparison to police? All police officers in the US are CIVILIANS. They are civilians who hold arrest powers – they are not military. The word civilian applies to non-military.

    1. Yes, perhaps citizen might have been more appropriate, but are not LEOs also citizens? What would you suggest would be more appropriate? Persons? LEOs are also persons/people. It was not my intent to disparage any Police/law-enforcement individuals, I respect those who serve in law enforcement as well as military, but don’t law enforcement officers refer to non-LEOs as citizens? Not to “yank your chain”, just as personal information. Thanks.

    2. Things have not changed at all in the lapd. This shooting attests to the fact that many officers feel that they are justified in acting like an execution squad. I lived in LA in the 70’s, and it was horrific the way Blacks and Latinos were treated it did not matter what your socioeconomic status was, when you were pulled over
      you were a Nigger!…the same ethos is prevalent in their thinking today!

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