A gang of criminals in Mexico paid a visit to a church youth camp near Mexico City last weekend.  Of course, the youth camp had no good guys with guns because gun ownership is by and large prohibited in Mexico.  (That’s why their crime rate is so low, especially near the U.S. border!)

Prayers for the gang to leave went unanswered as the criminals hung around raping some of the teen girls for hours.  Once the bad guys tired of raping and robbing, they stole a couple of the group’s vehicles and went on their merry way.


The only thing that stops evil, asocial people are good guys with guns.

You ready to send your sons and daughters to Mexico for a vacation yet?


Gunmen attack church youth camp in Mexico, rape girls for hours then steal vehicles and drive away

TOLUCA, Mexico (AP) – A gang of about a dozen armed people stormed into a church youth camp-out near Mexico City and went on an hours-long rampage of beatings, robberies and rape, authorities said Saturday.

Seven girls were raped during the Friday attack and several campers were beaten, according to the state prosecutors office in Mexico State, which surrounds the Mexican capital.

About 90 youths sponsored by a church group known as the Chains of the Holy Trinity were camping at an eco-park on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City, in a hilly area that is close to the lower flanks of the Popocatepetl volcano. Prosecutors did not say what church the group is affiliated with, but the camp-out appeared to have been a sort of spiritual retreat.

The office said that the attack lasted for hours, and that when the attackers left they stole two vehicles and other articles from the campers.

6 thoughts on “Christian Youth Camp girls raped for hours in gun-free Mexico”
  1. If gun ownership is highly restricted to the point of being prohibited, how did “gunmen” attack the camp? Oh, probably the same way “gunmen” attack people in Chicago, in which gun ownership is also highly restricted to the point of prohibition.

  2. Obama and DiFi would prefer that American girls and women get raped rather than the attackers get shot and killed by armed law-abiding civilians. If gun ownership can protect but one young girl or woman from rape then it is worth it…

  3. What Huck Finn is saying is if one girl is saved from rape its worth it if dozens of children are shot dead in their classrooms.

    1. NO BC you are missing the point. Have a armed guards or teachers in the school will give you less dead children. Having the ability to carry a weapon and protect your self against those who don’t care about the law, will help keep you from being attacked and raped.

  4. Prayers go out to all victims.

    Prayers also go out to the criminals who committed this horrible act. May you get captured, punished, and sentenced to an eternity of torment, pain, and misery.

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