Mayor Rybak before his election to Mayor.



Mayors Against Guns (or as I like to call them, the kiddie porn mayors) have come out threatening to boycott gun and ammunition companies that don’t support their civilian disarmament philosophy:

Rybak wants support from firearms manufacturers against gun violence

MINNEAPOLIS (MPR News) — Mayor R.T. Rybak has introduced a way for cities to gain leverage in their efforts to pass stricter gun control laws across the country.

Rybak told members of the City Council’s Public Safety and Civil Rights Committee that he and mayors from approximately 60 cities are taking a closer look at the companies that manufacture the guns and ammunition that cities buy for police officers.

He said over the past eight years the city has spent nearly $800,000 on guns and ammunition. Rybak, who supports stricter gun control laws, wants to work with firearms manufacturers to reduce gun-related crime and violence. He wants to know if those companies also are lobbying against tighter gun laws.

“If we find out they’re not partners, and if we find out they’re working against us, then we all ought to have a conversation as taxpayers about whether our dollars should be used for people who are not working to reduce gun violence,” Rybak said.

Minneapolis buys ammunition from two metro area suppliers, Streicher’s in Plymouth and Federal Premium Ammunition in Anoka, Rybak said.


We’ve got an idea.

How about nobody sell to the cities represented by MAIG mayors?  That way they can keep their precious dollars from being spent enriching evil gun and ammunition makers.

See how far they get buying their ammunition at Wal-Mart.

With a three-box per customer limit, per day.




6 thoughts on “Mayors Against Your Guns try to extort gun, ammo makers”
  1. Rybak means a fisherman in about a dozen Slavic languages, which fits him well as he’s clearly on a fishing expedition here…

  2. Despicable, but predictable. If he thinks he’s going to divide us, he’s sadly mistaken.

    Free corporations rely on the free market, and they know which side of the bread has butter.

  3. I would say that if Mayor Rybak wont spend the Cities money to an ammunition and firearms manufacturer that wont support his beliefs on gun control, then more power to him, and in a month or so his officers can use their Glocks for paper weights. And their Swat team can use their AR style rifles for clubs. Like BHirsh said, they are not going to divide us, and a firearms manufacturer is not going to cut his own nose off for Mayor Rybak’s $800,000 a year.

  4. Have at it, Mr. Mayor! I hope your counterparts in other MAIG cities do the same, and quick. That would release more ammo into the civilian market, and bring the price down at the same time.

  5. Federal, state, and local LEOs = 800,000
    According to GAO CHLs = 8,000,000 (LEOs X 10)
    U.S. gun owners = 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 (LEOs X 100 to 125)

    Somehow I doubt manufacturers will shoot themselves in the foot for less than 1% of the market.

  6. So what! who cares, if they dont buy ammo or guns from these ompanies, than their Police officers will pay the price along with the people who voted for them. Criminals will love to know where the unprepared towns are.. Go ahead and boycott them.. They are more than making up for any possible boycott with the Law abiding people. They may even be able to take a breather and restock for us gun owners…

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