The Gun Appreciation Day rally in Springfield had a huge turnout, excellent speakers (thank you Ernie Johnson!) and was a great success overall. See below for some photos.

The rallies organized by Guns Across America in Illinois and other states received significant media attention. Even some of the anti-2nd Amendment outlets, such as USA Today, gave the event  a reasonably neutral treatment.

(USA Today) Thousands of gun rights supporters gathered at state capitols around the country Saturday to rally against new laws to regulate on firearms proposed by President Obama in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Connecticut.

The crowds included people of all ages, some waving flags and holding signs saying “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Stand behind the Second Amendment.”

A recurring message was that responsible gun owners should be left alone.










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  1. So we can get it together on realative short notice, oh IL citizens have done that a lot lately! Good showing, now for IGOLD, Wed. March 6. What are you thinking Quinn? Not your citizens.

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