The joke is on us.  This guy is such the hypocrite.

He wants to disarm you, while living with bodyguards for life.


Obama signs bill giving himself lifetime Secret Service protection

(Daily Caller) – President Barack Obama signed a bill into law on Thursday guaranteeing himself Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama signed the “Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012” on Thursday. The law affects Obama, former President George W. Bush and future presidents, who under current law would only be protected for 10 years after leaving office.

According to the press secretary’s office, the law “restores lifetime Secret Service protection of former Presidents who did not serve as President prior to January 1, 1997, and their spouses; and provides for protection of all children of former Presidents until they become 16 years of age.”

2 thoughts on “Obama gives himself lifetime Secret Service protection”
  1. If President Obama thinks we don’t need Guns for self, family and property protection… then why does he need it for his lifetime??? Go Figure

    Larry Shurbet

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