Yesterday Illinois became the fourth state to allow ILLEGAL aliens (not the little green ones from outer space) the ability to LEGALLY get a driver’s license. Among their many justifications was that it makes the roads safer.

Story by Reuters – Joanne von Alroth


Supporters of the measure said some 250,000 illegal immigrants already were driving in the fifth most populous U.S. state, and the new law would require them to take a drivers test and have insurance. It was not yet clear how many illegal immigrants would feel comfortable stepping forward to apply for licenses.

“Illinois roads will be safer if we ensure every driver learns the rules of the road and is trained to drive safely,” Democrat Quinn said in a statement. “I look forward to signing this legislation.”

The vote was 65 to 46 in the state House, after the Senate overwhelmingly approved the proposal on December 4.

Are these Politicians serious? If people are here illegally, then what makes our enlightened politician’s think that these folks will follow any other law within our state?  I feel as if I am living in a parallel universe. A universe where illegal aliens get to have legal status and legal gun owners are demonized and looked at  as criminals. We need to change how our Representatives see things. I believe that it must start with this next session.  Stick with Guns Save Life to defend your rights and let your voice be heard.

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  1. So when they outlaw guns, and we all keep them anyway, will “illegal gun owners” get special, privileged treatment while everybody looks the other way?

    Or should I coin the phrase, “Undocumented gun owner” for those of us that refuse to give up America’s Favorite Rifle (TM)?

  2. Actually, most illegal immigrants (“aliens”) are here working hard and providing for their families. Saying, “they are here illegally and therefore they disregard all our laws” is unfounded, insensitive, and borderline racist. This is my first trip to this website, as I am still undecided about gun laws and gun safety, but this post has made me want to leave and never come back, and has affirmed my belief that gun supporters are ignorant.


    1. So, if they are here legally, why are the Politicians calling them “illegal”. Take your bleeding heart whiney self out of here. The borderline racist crap does not fly here.if you are unhappy with this site, dont came back. free country..Move right along.

    2. Why are you even addressing this issue? This is a pro-gun site, and you are complaining about illegal aliens getting licenses.

      Use some time to examine how common gun ownership is in Europe (not) and how many people die in mass shootings in Europe compared to the states (far fewer).


    3. They are by definition ILLEGAL. There are legal ways to come into this country and become a citizen, many people do it every year. I know people who have immigrated legally, and in some cases have become US citizens. They are disgusted with the illegals and for the most part are in favor of deporting them (maybe with exceptions for those who have served / are serving in the military). Are these former Mexicans / Guatemalans / Hondurans / Costa Ricans being racist?

    4. Using Luke’s rational.. Actually, most illegal gun owners are here working hard and providing security for their families. Saying, “they are here illegal gun owners and therefore they disregard all our laws” is unfounded, insensitive, and borderline racist. This is my first trip to this website, as I am still undecided about gun laws and gun safety, but this post has made me want to never leave and come back often, and has affirmed my belief that gun supporters are intelligent people

    5. Luke,
      Obviously you are new to the battle for the 2nd Amendment, as you stated, and maybe naive to what really happens in the world. Based on some of what you stated, and using deductive reasoning, I think you we’re reading this article with your own presuppositions already in place. The article speaks nothing of the work ethic of illegal immigrants. The point the article is making is that our elected representatives are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right, while at the same time giving rights to people who aren’t going to step forward and become documented.
      You presupposition you stated was that because they work hard and provide for their family they don’t break the law. Well lets look at some laws that are commonly broken. 1. Tax Evasion – all undocumented workers “illegal immigrants” don’t pay taxes, if they did they would be called documented. 2. Social Security Fraud & 3. Identity Theft – many people coming into this country purchase SS numbers to use for documentation. The predator that I know that was selling these numbers was getting them while working in the emergency room at a hospital checking people in. Before your heart starts bleeding and you say the buyer is an innocent victim, the buyers know where the information is coming from.
      Another point of the article is that politicians think this law will make it comfortable for illegal immigrants to step forward and get licensed to drive therefore having to then pay for car insurance. The article is tongue in check at the politicians, not the illegals. The whole point of being undocumented is to fly under the radar. Reason would tell us that if someone was trying to not be in the system so they won’t get noticed, why then would they volunteer to put themselves in the system they are trying to avoid?
      Lastly, I had a friend who was in an accident with a car load of what he was later informed to be undocumented workers. They didn’t call the police or exchange insurance information. As he got out of the vehicle he was attacked then they all ran off leaving him bloody in the street. This was so he couldn’t report the accident until after they had fled the scene. They were just hard working individuals trying to provide for their families. My friend thought he was in a fender bender not a cage match.
      I hope this ignorant supporter or the 2nd Amendment was able to help you see that the whole world isn’t like you neighborhood.

    6. Here was the intent of my post:

      1. Politicians, media, and so-called progressives are not enforcing the law in one politically-correct area (immigration), and in fact are condoning, enabling, and encouraging law-breaking – even to the effect of passing laws that favor the lawbreakers.

      2. The same folks are trying to pass laws that will make criminals out of law abiding folks, who are completely following today’s laws in another area (firearm ownership), not to mention the other avenues of attacking our rights in this area (media onslaught, UN treaties, pending executive orders, back-door regulatory / EPA / ATF harassment of gun ownership).

      Note: only one of these areas is constitutionally protected, and shown beyond a shadow of a doubt through analytical reasoning, concrete data, and moral analysis to be a net benefit to society and freedom whereas the other has most certainly not.

    7. Nice try, Luke.

      Illegal aliens are here illegally and committing a FELONY simply by being here illegally.

      It’s like saying kiddie porn aficionados are hard-working and providing for their families while they break our society’s prohibitions against child porn.

      There’s nothing unfounded, insensitive or racist about calling a criminal a criminal.

      Nice try on that race card, slick.

      We’re ignorant? You sir, are a special kind of ignorant.


    8. Luke, let’s start by dispelling the myth that MOST immigrants (illegal or not) provide for their families. If you look at the Census Bureau statistics, roughly 57% of immigrant households with children rely on some kind of social assistance. This is more than half my friend. Aren’t many native-born Americans on welfare? Sure, but it’s only around 39%, which makes native-born Americans far better providers than the immigrants.

      Does it mean that immigrants are not as hard working as the population at large? Not necessarily – you need to consider other factors, such as education, transferable skills, work experience, and family size. Still, the fact remains the taxpayers have to subsidize MOST legal and illegal immigrants, which is SUB-optimal as Mr. Obama would have it. There are groups that, on average, do as well or better than the ‘natives’ (immigrants from Canada and many European/South Asian countries), but the government does not encourage immigration from these areas. For more information, see:

    9. Illegal immigrants are exactly that – ILLEGAL. You may consider the crime of illegally crossing the border or remaining in the US on an expired visa a minor technical violation – something between double parking and having illegally tinted windows in your car. In fact, this is exactly how illegal immigrants are treated by all kinds of law enforcement agencies. Is this a reasonable approach? Is it just if we consider the countless citizens of this country who have been imprisoned for committing minor, technical violations of the law?

      I’m not advocating for installing robotic sentry guns along our borders. I’m not even pushing for mass deportations – they would not be unjust, but probably infeasible. Progressives keep telling us that we should emulate the rest of the ‘civilized’ world and remove firearms from the hands of our law-abiding citizens. Why don’t we follow the example of the rest of the world on immigration instead? One does not have to look far – our friends north of the border may have a legal immigration problem due to their misguided policies, but they don’t shy away from imprisoning and deporting illegals. There aren’t many illegals in Canada and those who manage to slip through the cracks have to stay in the shadows. The US is an outlier on the global scale – we are the only ones who do not give a rodent’s behind about who goes in and out the door. There are exceptions to it, of course, as we spend untold amounts to abuse innocent tourists at the airports, but this is just for show.

    10. Describing illegals as illegal is unfounded? How else are you supposed to refer to them? Undocumented immigrants? I was an undocumented immigrant when I forgot to take my ‘green card’ with me when I ventured outside of my home. I’m sure the penalty for this crime would’ve been more severe than what illegal felons get for driving while drunk. Insensitive? Please, give me a break – you invade a country, urinate on its laws, leech from its people, and you have the chutzpah to expect niceties in return? Borderline racist? How is race related to the immigration status? Bad thoughts, bad thoughts brother – you need remedial training in racial/ethnic sensitivity as what you wrote is a dead giveaway of a serious thought crime…

      Now, I’m really glad you won’t be coming back. You said yourself that you held a belief ‘gun supporters’ were ignorant. No need to pretend you are “still undecided about gun laws and gun safety” – you found your ‘affirmation’ and you can leave it to the rednecks to fight for you human and constitutional rights. Let’s pretend for a minute we are a bunch of inbred, ignorant, racist imbeciles the way you most likely believe us to be. Why should it affect your attitudes toward the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms? Are you for abolishing the First Amendment as well? After all, according to your own characterization, we exercise it to publish insensitive, ‘borderline racist’ garbage on this website…

      Have a good journey. I hope you grow up one day.

    11. Matt – You know that we don’t always see eye-to-eye on this issue, but I have to agree with your argument. The stats cited in Camarota’s report (link provided in your comments) are staggering. 82% of households with children headed by immigrants from the Dominican Republic being welfare. 75% for Mexico and Guatemala… How is that to the benefit of the United States? Now, if you look at the Census predictions for 2050, Hispanics will constitute 25% of the US population. Considering their very low education rates and the proportion of the population on welfare — how are we going to sustain American economy (not even to mention fiscal issues we are facing now…)?

  3. RACISM.. The de-facto cry of liberals who do not have a legitimate discussion point or argument.

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