Chicago’s Police Chief Gary McCarthy.  He’s one of those four-star chiefs – four stars needed to match his four-star ego, and proving that he’s superior to single-star chiefs, and even two- and three-star chiefs.
We always wondered why he stopped at four stars.  If four are good, why not use five, or eight?
Did you know in his younger days, he and his NY State Police Trooper brother, while highly intoxicated and off-duty, shot out street lights outside a bar on St. Paddy’s Day in the 46th Precinct where McCarthy worked. They then nearly started a riot by shouting the “N”-word at locals.Don’t believe it? Check out the link.


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Chicago’s illustrious Police Chief, Superintendent or SuperNintendo (whichever you wish to call him) got on a local radio station in Chicago and told it like he perceives it.

He said that citizens licensed to carry could be, and indeed predicted they would be shot by Chicago Police Officers.

Like that happens in 49 other states (or 56 other states if you listen to Barack Obama).

Here’s the words from the Chicago’s Chief Street Light Asssassin, as reported by News in Black:

“I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

How is that different than police officers are now trained, Mr. Streetlight Assassin?

Here’s what Second City Cop, a blog by and for Chicago Police Officers thought of McCarthy’s remarks:

…Rahm and McShitForBrains continue to push their belief that Illinois residents in general and Chicago denizens in particular, are completely incompetent when it comes to gun ownership.  Let’s be real – how often do you think you’ll be running into an actual legally carrying citizen?  Those aren’t the people that the police usually encounter.  And if you aren’t treating every traffic stop as one where a gun might be on scene in any event, you’re not being the police.

And not to denigrate the Department, but we’ll bet a sizable percentage of Illinois citizens not only know guns better than the police, they can outshoot them 60-to-70% of the time, 99% of the time if we’re talking long guns.

Remember, McKillTheCitizens was documented to have been shooting out streetlights when he carried a gun in New York – is that really the sort of asshole who should be telling citizens they can’t have guns after a year of 500+ homicides, 2,500+ shootings and a January that is already 200% ahead of last years dismal showing?



138 thoughts on “Chicago police chief: We’ll shoot licensed civilians with guns”
  1. Can’t they come up with anything new? How many times have we heard their whining about the streets being awash with blood?

    I wouldn’t put anything past those bastards though. They may choose to shoot innocent people to make their point. There won’t be any prosecutions and the taxpayers will pay the blood money as they always do. Yet another reason to stay away from this s$%thole.



    2. Is being able to read part of being a gun nut?

      “when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot”

      If you turn to point a gun at a cop you’re gonna get shot. They don’t do a pre-shooting interview. It’s like that all over the nation.

      Legal or not pointing a gun at a cop is gonna get you shot. Go try it sometime.

    3. the only ones that would be pointing their guns at cops are the law breakers…. law abiding citizens know how to handle their weapon, and when it is appropriate to use said weapon…

      is being a complete moron part of being an anti-gun wacko?

    4. He never said anything about pointing a gun at a cop, he said “when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand”. If I’m put in a situation to engage a threat, As soon as the threat is neutralized, I would secure my own weapon by pointing it in a safe direction, preferably at the ground. But according to this criminal officer, if I keep that handgun in my hand when I hear someone behind me, I could get shot for it. How do I know that the person coming up behind me isn’t a partner to the person I just put down, ready to kill me? The first innocent person who gets shot as a result of that, this “chief” should be locked up in prison for being a co-conspirator to commit murder.

    5. it’s good the German police disarmed the Jews when the Nazi’s came to power in Germany, otherwise American’s would have never found out about the concentration camps, if those Jews had fired on police officers raiding their homes to disarm them, we would have missed out on WW2, and then are government funded history books would have been boring.

    6. why should the police be any less responsible than our gov’t has put our troops in combat. What a joke. If you weren’t so scared and power hungry you would know this is not right. With the crime rate in Chicago with gangs, mob and other criminals your easiest shot is a law abiding citizen. Can’t you tell the difference?

    7. No, no, no… Can’t YOU read? “gun in hand” not “pointing gun at officer”. Devil is in the details, now, isn’t it?

    8. Maybe you should be the one that learns how to read. He did not say a thing about pointing the gun at police. He just said turn with gun in hand. MAJOR difference. Some one could be holding suspect waiting for police to show up and turns WITHOUT pointing the gun to address the police. FACT IS the law does not allow you to shoot anyone unless they are a cl;ear danger to your safety or life and just having a gun WITHOUT pointing it does NOT fit the requirements set by law.

    9. As if this moron doesn’t have his hands full in a city with the highest murder rate in the country. Instead of flexing his plastic muscles at a non-threat, maybe he should be out on the beat protecting law abiding citizens from the REAL criminals who pay NO attention to the law.Wonder just how many times a law abiding gun owner has pulled a pistol on him? Sounds like he would rather see law abiding citizens dead than see them protect themselves. What do you expect from a corrupt Chicago cop and a liberal at that? Notice how liberal arguements never touch on the truth?

    10. This is situational. If this arrogant idiot chief sends sworn LEOs to someone’s home without a warrant to confiscate firearms or ancillary acccessories, the homeowner has EVERY RIGHT to repel an invasion, up to and including the use of deadly force. Look at Waco, TX. It was the Law Enforcement people who simple stormed a the compound, without a LEGITIMATE ‘no-knock’ warrant; when the members of the compound legally defended themselves, they ended up slaughtered. The law requires an even GREATER burden of proof on LEOs before they fire on private citizens. Contrary to this idiot chief, most police officers have very little training. Only the minimum that can be provided to prevent lawsuits. Most private citizens are far more well trained, because they have to seek out and pay for quality training.

    11. Having a gun in your hand and pointing the gun at an officer are not the same thing. The gun in a hand could be pointing at the ground, not at the officer. In that case, should the officer just shoot away or should they identify themselves and order that the person drop the gun? My thought would be the latter. Yes, the officer should keep his gun pointed at the potential offender, but should follow reasonable rules before firing.

    12. This man is advocating ” Shooting Legal Gun-owners ” did you miss that part?

      You retarded on purpose or is it Natural?

    13. Are you really that dense? This so-called cop has threatened legal gun owners with death. This fool is painting a big target on his back by threatening law abiding gun owners with death. Another drunken Irish idiot with a badge.

    14. Isn’t it funny how this works, yet of I were to go around saying I wanted to shoot cops and politicians I’d be locked up and deemed a domestic terrorist.

    15. yeah, I agree except the only “mental” test that should be done on these “cops” is the removal of the brain

    16. Well, how many legally carrying Americans aim their guns at olice officers. This guy is an idiot.

    17. Words taken out of context (Now there is a new tactic)Dredge up trash(another new tactic) this man has stepped up to the plate for a difficult task in a hard city. I can recall when Gary was so upset about what was going on in the streets of his city that there were tears in his eyes. emotion displayed on national television. Not exactly an ego display.

    18. …. and the same goes for everyone else. Cops point gun.. “citizen” shoots and cop drops to the ground….


      I want to put it out there that Chicago is one of those places that needs to be stricken from the map. I am from Southern Illinois and we consider Chicago an annex of Michigan. Springfield is the capital but somehow what goes on in Chicago determines a good bit of our laws. Even our now Dictator in Chief whose from there spent most of his time in Chicago. What happens to Illinois’ crime rates when you take Chicago out of the mix? Some crimes go down more than 50%. A chief who would come out and say he would shoot a licensed carrier is an idiot and probably needs to kill himself before he completely destroys order in his miserable town. What if carriers started shooting cops and said that they only did so out of self defense in light of that comment and they werent going to wait to get shot by a cop. Licensed carriers don’t usually commit the crimes we hear about. Historically its mentally disturbed kids off their meds. Look up each case individually from the last few years

    20. Well, this D-Bag is the same A-Hole who oversaw more than 500 murders in 2012. Guess he thought that this idiot statement would make him sound tough on crime. Course, he probably never thought that the facts about his late night drunken shenanigans would come out.

    21. Gary rap it up come back to NY or shoot some some gun toting bad guys if you can find any in your GUN FREE CITY lol

  2. Please shoot me, McCarthy.

    I guarantee it’ll be a monumental financial award.

    And that’s if I live.


    1. if he shoots like most cops you won’t have to worry because they never shoot and can’t shoot for shit.

  3. Think of the financial reward for the CCW individual that is shot by a cop. Pat Camden of the Chicago FOP was on WLS this morning and stated that he (nor many in the FOP union) have an issue with CC. It’s Tiny Dancer and McShootsYa that have an issue.

    Also, I can pretty much guarantee that I’m a better shot then most cops. For many their only range time is when they need to qualify, plus their insane poundages on their triggers. See the NYC Empire State Building shooting for an example.

  4. There is an easier way to generate a ‘financial reward’ upon one’s death – it’s called life insurance. I’m not looking forward to shooting matches with CPD cops. I don’t care about their lack of skills or the superiority of my weapons. Just think for a second what your life would look like if you emerged alive from such a confrontation…

    There are places rational people should avoid like the plague. Parts of Chicago are already in this category, along with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Albania to name just a few. If we become fair game for dirty Chicago cops, the entire city will be off limits.

  5. I have to say this. “You wouldn’t catch me dead there”. Am I funny or what? For the record you won’t see me there, period.

  6. Shitcago is one of those places that I’ll deliberately detour around if I need to go anywhere in that area.

    Besides, McShithead just gave every licensed gun owner a premeditated excuse to have a wrongful death lawsuit ready to go just in case.

    1. SS Badger ferry running between Manitowoc, WI and MI is your best friend. I avoid Thugtown like the plague it is.

  7. I am much more highly trained than most of your officers. And my handgun and rifle students are trained to shoot much better and more accurately than almost all of your officers…. On my WORST day, I can outshoot you. Most of your street cops can’t shoot the red side off of a green striped pole barn. I’ll put my students up against your officers any day of the week. And most of our students know more about criminal law than most of your personnel………..Thank you for revealing the extreme level of arrogance you possess, and you failure to obey your oath of office…..

  8. I sincerely hope this f***ing a-hole pays us a visit in the Great State of Arizona. There are plenty of CCW citizens who wouldn’t mind giving him a lesson in ballistics.

    1. now keep in mind that it is still illegal to carry any weapon of any kind in Illinois still. I can’t even carry a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches.

  9. Isn’t the police suppose to shoot the bad guys! are the bad guys too scary for this %sshole, too scared to go after them, so he will go after legal gun owners, what an embarrasement to the uniform. DO (LEARN) YOUR [Editor: Please, no R-rated f-bombs.] JOB YOU OVERPAID PENCIL PUSHING EMBARRASMENT, you don’t even qualify to work at walmart security with that thinking,

    1. we’ve seen stories periodically out of Chicago area where the citizens have had to chase down the bad guys that were terrorizing their neighborhoods because the cops refused saying it was too dangerous for a long, long time.

  10. Looks like as long as you don’t pull your gun on a cop you’re fine.

    If you do pull a gun on a cop I’d expect them to defend themselves.

    As an officer(much like as a citizen) if someone pulls a gun on you, you don’t wait and ask for a CCW or ask who they’re shooting at.

    Or I could read this article and somehow come the conclusion of: “OMG, Chicago police are starting a war!”

    1. Scenario: Your daughter just survived an assault by legally using a firearm. She hears more footsteps behind her and has no idea who it might be. Should she holster before she turns to see who it is? Kind of a gamble not holstering since the Chief of Police has a policy of shooting anyone who “turns toward” him with a gun in their hand. What if the footsteps are the other rapist? A cop cannot legally shoot someone without certain criteria being met. The Chief’s statements indicate that he doesn’t care about those criteria. Sure he may be in fear of his life, but is he really in jeopardy? Has your daughter really displayed an intention to shoot at the cop merely by looking over her shoulder for possible additional attackers? The guy is pure bonehead waiting for a lawsuit to bitch-slap him which the taxpayers of Chicago will have to pay for.

    2. Mark my words…IT WILL START IN CH-TOWN, He just declared war on people who should have guns…not the ones who should not.

  11. McCarthy may have saved the second amendment with that bold offer. No way Obama will pass a law banning guns if having a gun makes it ok for his Chicago thugs to kill folks who didn’t vote for him.

  12. What a fearful, chicken-shit, egotistical, pussy, little bastard! Police chief my achin’ ass! What a coward. You wouldn’t last a week here in America.

  13. When Seconds count in a life threatening situation …. Police are minutes away ! —
    Anyone that believes the Police are there to protect us rather than enforce the law, most likely also believes in the “tooth fairy” …
    I’m glad I live in a State other than “Obama land” and have my CCW along with most of my friends !!!
    God Bless America ! Stand up for our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment …..

  14. I applied for a CCW and Chicago police started shooting at me!!!

    And I don’t even live in Chicago!!!

    I hope my tinfoil hat is bulletproof.

  15. Is this guy for real….Was a crazed loon…He should be locked up…I hope he is not in charge of anything…

  16. He looks like a South American banana republic’s dictator. “Four star general”…..what a worthless punk.

    Why aren’t cops in other cities shooting armed, law-abiding civilians? The only time a cop every paid any attention to my carry weapon was when he asked to look at it so he could admire it. (A Kimber CDP .45 auto.) He said it was cool, and asked where I got it and how much I paid. Then he wrote me a speeding ticket.

    If Chicago cops DO start shooting law-abiding citizens, SHOOT BACK. There are more of us than there are of them. This guy is nothing but a lowlife pig. He is a disgrace to real police officers.

    1. There are many good, patriots serving on Chicago PD. They have been going through hell.. I dont know the answer there. When CC is allowed I will still stay away from the west side. Untill the bad guys figure out that they are not the only ones armed anymore, it’s gonna be ugly. Throw an Officer in the mix, and ? I would not want that job.

  17. try it with my crowd mr pansy chief. i am betting that we are more highly trained than your team is. just because we are civilians, does not mean we were not part of elite military units.

  18. Hey McAsshole… Come on down to Phoenix where we have a real law enforcement officer. Sheriff Joe. Easy to talk shit with the toughest gun control around. You’re a bully, like most liberal shitbags…

  19. If the idiotic politicians of Chicago and Springfield feel that only the police should be allowed to carry concealed, they should take the responsibility to be financially and morally responsible for every victim that they do not protect. The police operate on the premise of a general obligation to serve and protect, meaning that if they can stop or deter a crime from occurring, they should do so. However, if they restrict civilian’s ability to effectively resist and stop violent attacks against their persons and the police openly deny requests for help with excuses of lack of manpower or call priorities, there is a serious case of police negligence and everyone from the police chief, city council and the mayor should be held responsible for medical treatments or funeral expenses for victims. Couple that with a mandate stating they cannot pass those costs onto taxpayers in any way, shape or form. One or two cases would bankrupt the city into adherence with the Constitution.

  20. For a Chief of Police this person is WOEFULLY lacking in his understanding of the law regarding making TERRORIST THREATS !!!!!

  21. What an egotistical, arrogant, self-centered assclown! McWhatamoron is an insult to all the excellent men and women wearing the blue in Chicago. My condolences for having to serve under this piece of crap.

  22. We live in a free society, not a police state. Police officers and our government in general, serve US, not the other way around. The good Chief needs to be reminded of that.

    As such, the police are not above the law, including laws regarding public threats of violence. So here’s the test: if John Q. Citizen, licensed CC holder in a country where the right to keep & bear arms is Constitutionally protected, were to publicly say, “I don’t care if the guy is a police officer or not, when he pulls a gun on me I will not wait to get shot before returning fire, I will fire first no matter what.”

    So how long before old John gets a visit from the cops and a free trip to the booking room? Why then is a law enforcement official permitted to make the same veiled threat?

    Does that sound fair to you? Does this sound like “the land of the free”?

  23. The headline is a bit misleading…I think any cop would shoot if someone turned a gun on them, and rightly so…The chief may indeed be the a-hole he is portrayed to be, but no cop would ask if you had a concealed carry permit if you turned a gun on him…and it’s obvious a couple of responders here did not read the context…

    1. No, the headline isn’t misleading at all. Cops are trained not to shoot unless they have a justified reason or if it’s a last resort. The first thing they SHOULD do is request the person to put the gun down, not shoot them. So no, “any cop” would not “shoot if someone turned a gun on them”, only an irresponsible cop would.

    2. OzCop i suggest you read the text. it says turns with a gun in their hand not turns a gun on a cop. take you own advice

  24. And people wonder why Obama acts the way he does. I would think it become clearer the more we learn about how things work in Chicago. He is what people talk about when they don’t respect the police. What is wrong with him? The ones with the Concealed carry are not the ones he needs to worry about and I agree with the others here that most of us practice a whole lot more than the police do.

  25. Since he made a public threat, can lawfully armed people defend themselves, FROM THE POLICE, and shoot back? If a lawfully armed person gets shot at by a cop, does the person have a right to defend themselves or are they supposed to stand there and do nothing while they fill them full of holes, if they can even hit them at all? I’m thinking back to the people that were shot by police at one of the D.C. buildings a while back. They were innocent people shot by cops who couldn’t hit the person they were supposed to be shooting. Heck, I would trust my neighbor to hit his target more than I would the police.

    For a cop to come out and say this is just plain stupid.

  26. This goof loves to talk tough about nonsense. His convoluted crime stats being legendary.
    I work for a different agency in Chicago. I carry a gun. Chicago cops on the whole are not anything but on our side. I get stopped regularly in plain clothes, I identify myself and stand still. In 30 seconds we are talking like old friends. From my experience, CPD officers will be delighted to see us good guys evening the score rather than being the victim if it comes to that. The cops are outnumbered, not near enough new hires, and the punks are out of jail way too quickly. The last thing I expect from Chicago cops will be to hassle lawful CCW holders. McCarthy is a hack, and the real cops see right through his act.

  27. An obvious psychopath like so many in Chicago’s history and current politicos today. His type will be the ones who will start the coming civil war. You get rid of the psychopaths masquerading as civil servants and peace & property will be restored. Will it happen? – not likely.

  28. The guy is just trying to build himself up. The article says nothing about shooting a CCW person with a holstered weapon. If you are forced to draw and or use your ccw, chances are there will be no police around. If that happens call in the incident immediately. Take your weapon and put it down somewhere safe. Unload it and get away from it.
    Make sure that you are never mistaken as a person holding a gun. If a ccw holder is stupid enough to display a weapon with police present in any manner before being identified, that person should count on being shot….multiple times. All of this of course is just speculation at this time. Once or if the bill for Illinois concealed carry is enacted, IMHO, you would be ill advised to carry within the Chicago city limits. An accidental exposure of your weapon may cause some sheep to get excited and call the PO – lice to a perfectly legal situation that they are not properly educated about. Even if you are perfectly within your rights, you are the one that will be put through the wringer regardless.

  29. Has anyone asked this idiot how he’s going to be able to tell whether they’re a licensed gun owner or not before he shoots them?

  30. Gotta love those Chicago Wingnuts… this is the mentality that produced Obama. Leftwing extremists are whackos!!! And this guy is a recipe for disaster. Threats to shoot armed citizens licensed to carry? Not very bright to make threats…. they often come back to bite you in the ass. Since he is an ass, I guess that’s okay. We need Communist thugs like this to come back down to earth and smell the coffee. He’s way too high on himself.

  31. With a threat like that this asshole might end up with a hole in himself other than his anti Christ nazi shit spewing mouth I will bet we as legal responcible gun owners are a much better shot

  32. The NRA needs to sue this department and get the so called cop fired for these comments and his stupidity on guns

  33. The only set of balls piece of shit on a power trip has are his stars. NY city cops used how many bullets to kill one criminal? How many innocent bystanders did they shoot in the meantime? Somebody needs to shoot him and shut him up.

  34. Cops are just people.

    Cops arrive at a “shots fired” incident with their hearts racing, their bloodstreams full of testosterone and adrenaline, and a reasonable sense of trepidation.

    And so will you.

    Nobody, including the Chief, has said that the cops will be trained to shoot first. The cops will most likely yell, “Police”. Once they’ve identified themselves, anyone holding a firearm should consider the risks involved.

    You may see yourself as a former member of an elite military squad, or a crack shot, or a great guy, or a law abiding citizen exercising your Second Amendment rights.

    The cops are going to SEE YOUR GUN, and ONLY YOUR GUN.

    And if you don’t hear their orders, or your movements are misinterpreted, they may shoot you. If you shoot back (or first), you probably will be shot.

    You can certainly argue that cops are supposed to be perfect and will calmly and intelligently with perfect accuracy figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

    You might end up with McCarthy presenting you a Good Citizen award.

    Or you might end up face down in a pool of your own blood. Perhaps you might sue the department (or your survivors might), but martyrdom isn’t generally considered a lucrative career.

    But these are real risks when you draw a gun in an urban environment.

  35. Check out Portland Oregon, this sort of scenario is ultra rare, and there are thousands of CC citizens . Two citizens recently made the news by exercising their open carry rights and no one got hurt, no shots fired, no one arrested. Would be wise for McCarthy to further educate officers and citizens! Offer training, safety courses, invite citizens to meet with the local PD and Sheriffs and educate each other. Stop treating citizens as if they are an accident waiting to happen.

  36. I live in WA State, it has been Shall Issue State for as long as I can remember and I’ve been carrying in WA for 35 years. In all that time I cannot recall a single confrontation between legal permit holders and cops. I do recall a number situations where armed citizens helped out the cops.

    These types of situations are exceeding rare.

  37. Personally, I have made deliveries many times through the years in Chi Town. I never left anything there so, no need to go back. I really do not see a need to go north of the Red River nor east of the Miss. – Ala. state line.

  38. Sure sure sure, but first, stand up to those street gangs in Chicago that are breaking all of your gun laws.

  39. Well anyone in their right mind that has their CCW isn’t going to be stupid enough to point their weapon at a police officer….This guy is an absolute idiot!!!

  40. When i was in Afghanistan we couldn’t shoot unless shot at! I always carry in Chicago! I’m not getting shot by some punk!

  41. what an asshole he cant even control gun crime in his city and he talks about shooting law abiding citizen stay classy chief

  42. i think the guy’s a moron and fully endorse the second ammendment and all that good stuff, but that head line is essentially a lie. he didn’t say they would shoot peoplefor carrying, just that there would be incident where police may mistakenly shoot a legally carrying citizen, if said citizen makes a sudden move while an officer has a weapon trained on them. and if thats the case, i don’t blame the officer.if a cop is poi ti g a weapon at you and you don’t want tobe shot, the do what the cop tells you. lets not be stupid and make it more than what it is.

    1. I don’t blame the people of chicago if they loaded up and stormed and captured the police headquarters. Then tarred and feathered the entire police force and ran them out of town on a rail. I wouldn’t blame them at all. Ed Ski, chicagoland

  43. Looks like this may very well lead to the next “shot heard around the world”, most certainly “around the country”

  44. you heard what an official said. He is going to shoot his citizens with guns. Where are his local town board. Fire him. Can you imagine threatening your citizens . . . You are supposed to be the rational and sane one.Is there anyone there w/ sense?

    1. He works for Mao-yor Rahm Emmanuel, Israeli citizen. Get the picture? The Israelis have ordered us to be disarmed. Better do as the Israelis say, after all Obama does, Bush, did. We pay Israeli 4 million dollars a day- each and every day. That was called TRIBUTE in the old days. Slaves paid Tribute to their conquerers in order to live. Ed Ski, chicagoland

    2. You should keep your jihadist backside in Chacigo , they love terrerist ther. It’s honest American citizens they have to be Hamas to blame Israel for everything.

  45. Hey Chief Dumbass ….. I don’t know or care how long you have been a LEO. After being a Deputy Sheriff in a real law enforcement agency for 30+ years, I found that ‘law abiding citizens’ never pointed a firearm at a deputy or PD officer. It was ONLY the criminal element who were stupid enough to point a gun in the direction of a LEO. In those cases, the bad guy generally lost. No law abiding citizen believe they have the right to point a firearm at a LEO and not suffer the repercussions of their actions. Possibly that’s where you have crossed the wires between the law abiding individuals and the savages which live in your city as gutter urchins. Your pompous tout about shooting citizens, just because they have a genuine CCW, is hopefully a misquote from journalistic sources. If however, you are arrogant enough to challenge the legality of individuals who are following the laws and statutes of your state and city, you need to climb down off that high horse and realize how ridiculously stupid that statement turned out to be; additionally, how you opened the door for a flood of legal issues to those of your department who are proud to protect and serve, and do so in a fair and just manner. From the stats that I have viewed of your city’s crime rate, you’re not doing a stellar job. God help those dedicated men and women of your department who strive to serve their community and protect the victims and innocent from the savages running a muck on your watch and the administrative personnel who wreak havoc with line personnel.

  46. We have the Geneva Convention that we must follow durring at war… unless someone POINTS a weapon and is intending to do harm is the only time we are allowed to shoot at the terrorists… but now they are saying it’s OK to shoot AMERICAN citizens on our own soil because they are HOLDING a firearm? This is some commy bullshit. I’ve been watching from overseas and this is tearing me apart watching our own government tear it’s own country apart while we have people dying over here to protect while our own government is getting closer to socialism every day.

  47. As ccw holder that lives in a free state. (I immegrated from chicago) I would expect nothing less from the city that gave us the mayor’s daley “el presidente” or that creepy little ballarina rahm emanuel. The chief is just keeping up the tradition of halfwit political hacs. My heart goes out to the actual thin blue line that will never have the cities crime under control due to the fact they serve under the command of a bunch of pinko sissies.

  48. Who the hell does he think he is??? Another elected asshole by the people! Hes digging his
    hole deeper by his own comments i would say.Another crooked bigshot cop in Illinois!

  49. Chief, with all due respect, your comments have just set your department, and the city of Chicago, up for a HUGE loss in a civil trial when some cop shoots an innocent, lawfully armed, party merely holding a gun on some bad guy he/she interrupted committing a crime. As a 35 year cop and former chief, I had to learn to make sure my words did not incite problems for my people or my employer. You better have a smarter, less ego-driven, back office writer have a media release prepred advising what you “really meant to say” about the matter, otherwise your blue wool covered backside has been exposed to some serious liability.

  50. If this moron is going to shoot people who are not breaking the law, shoot people because they are using their 2nd amendment right,shoot innocent people, why is this thing cheif of police? If you dont like our freedoms Chicago P.D. take your ass to Iran. Your a slap in the face to every veteran out there. What trash you are. Shoot people who are innocent? Whata piece of crap you are. No wonder people join militias…the cops are out to murder us.

  51. Asshole cops like THIS guy (and the FACT that a CROOKED cop (and lawyers here TOO!) got me busted for DUI) make me feel NO remorse–NONE–for ANY cop who gets shot/killed! Hey–Don’t want to DIE? DON’T BE a COP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see it coming–cops ARE going to be shot/killed in Chicago–this CLOWN just “threw down the gauntlet!” A-w-w-w-w!!! “F” ’em!!!! ALL of ’em!!! The “straight’ ones KNOW the CROOKED ones work WITH them, and don’t say/do a THING!!! That makes THEM just as BAD…

  52. The man is an idiot. This dipwad cant control the 41 murders a month in his city. These people committing the shootings are Black gang members. And he want to shoot honest law abiding citizens????

  53. LOL don’t worry people. If your unfortunate to not have a gun, they will plant it on your corpse, just like they do now.

    Every Chicago cop carries a burner. They buy them in East Chicago and it’s been that way for 50 years.

  54. Chicago Police Chief: since your statements are treason against this country and the oath you took to protect and defend the constitution- not to mention the ‘people’ referred to in the constitution and the bill of rights: you need to leave this country and get a job in cuba or china- a communist country- where you belong. Now get along sonny- before you get yourself hurt. you are not going to win this war. Ed Ski, chicagoland

  55. Oh- and let’s see how brave you are when your team runs out of ammo and every household is armed. At least you got that to look forward to, cheese, I mean ‘Cheif’!
    I suggest you enlarge that cop cemetary, your are going to need more real estate. Ed Ski, chicagoland

  56. It’s time to arrest this criminal and put him on trial! Chicago has so many criminals….not the gang-bangers, but criminals getting paid by the taxpayers!

    Putting this guy behind bars where he belongs would be a good start in cleaning up the crime there.

  57. With this idiot as chief of police, and the ballerina as mayor, no wonder Chicago has such a high crime rate! Just think what the crime rate would be if it included the CRIMINALS that get a paycheck from the taxpayers!

  58. Idiots like this fool is the reason for the 2nd Amendment! Our forefathers envisioned RADICALS like this and gave us the 1st and 2nd Amendments for protection!

    Who the hell does he think he is to think he can gun down innocent Americans in the street? He should be locked up!

    His MENTAL PROBLEMS should prevent him from owning a firearm!

  59. This fool talks like the people who have a carry permit will be walking the steets waving a firearm in the air! IDIOT!

    He must think people are as STUPID as HE IS!

    Chicago has such a terrible problem with crime, can’t they hire a qualified person to try to get it under control?

  60. Hey Mcshithead. You and all officers took an oath to uphold the constitution, why don’t you make it a point to start doing that and get out of your police state mentality. Law abiding citizens are on your side until you pull crap like this. The American people are sick of arrogant elitist retards running our country into the ground.

  61. 1. If Gary McCarthy is correct, he has guaranteed police officers will shoot civilians without reason. The streets will run red with civilian blood.

    2. If Gary McCarthy makes this policy, any civilian with a firearm will shoot the officers in the head (thus making body armor useless) to protect themselves. The streets will run red with police blood.

    My solution is to NEVER visit Illinois voluntarily and NEVER voluntarily buy a product produced there or buy a service sold from there. If enough people do this, Illinois will go bankrupt and his prediction will be right, his streets will still run red with civilian and police blood, but he will be out of a job. Of course, since I am not there, it won’t be my blood.

    Okay, Folks, choices, accept this disaster or vote with your feet and dollars and get out of Illinois before Gary McCarthy actions cause the streets to run red with your blood.

    There IS another option, but I don’t see it happening, vote the political machine out of existence, which assumes the vote will be fairly counted.


  62. Chief, how would that work with two off duty police officers out of uniform? Guaranteed dead meat, both?

  63. Obamas SS mentality these people are traitors to the republic ..this ass works for us . he is a thug nazi that needs to be jailed for his chicago mob NWO treason

  64. Tell that chickenshit to head on down to the southern end of the state and see how long he would last. With a mouth like his, somebody will fix that PRICK. He is nothing but a smart mouth, over paid,DEMOCRAT COWARD, that feels real emboldened with several thousand armed police officers surounding him.
    If Al Capone were alive and kicking today, this JERK would be on Big Al’s payroll, thats the nature of the beast.

  65. This is the mentality of unprofessional cops. They consider all civilians to be suspects and a threat to the police, i.e., having a fortress mentality. The personality tests are supposed to weed out cops with this mentality. The chief should go.

  66. Murder for hire still operational in the city of Chicago. Now controlled by the Chief of Police. With the worst. Criminal element in America this Fascist SS trooper wants to murder honest citizens because they choose to get a conceal carry permit to protect themselves. He presents the ideal example of the Goverment Agent that the Founding Fathers Envisioned while writeing the 2nd Amendment. The first lawsuit Chacigo is involved in for Murdering a lawful gun owner is already lost, the Chief trained the officer to Murder any Citizen with a firearm in his hand regardless of the circumstances hard for him to denie after this statement., now I see why the Police warned citizens before Christmas not to come to Chicago , it was to dangerous. I thought they were talking about the criminal element, we now learn they were talking about Police Administration.

  67. I was born and raised in Chicago. Many years went to the range with my father every week. The Chicago Police Pistol team added him to the force on paper so he could shoot compatition with them. I know that I shot better than most CPD but was too young at the time.
    40 years later, I stay out of Chicago.

  68. i like him too come to the u.p.and try this shit what a poor accuse for a city official you make sick love this country or leave it commie

  69. If the CPD can’t shoot any better than the NYPD did last summer when they wounded 11 innocent bystanders in the process of taking down an armed murder suspect, then one might not have much to worry about. I can think of no reason why I would ever choose to visit the cesspool called Chicago, but if I did and a cop fired at me, it wouldn’t be my frst rodeo. And an AK-47 sounds much different from a piddly little 9mm.

    This scrotum of a police superintendent is setting his officers up for bad treatment. His own rank-and-file admit that civilians with pistol permits are probably better shots. Opening fire on a more adept and better-trained foe is not to bright. When and if you do and miss, that better-trained opponent might just put one in your head from 15 feet.

  70. I tend to agree that the vast majority of Chicago residents shouldn’t be trusted. Look who they vote for and whose policies they support? I mean voting causes a lot more harm to a lot more people than any single person with a firearm could so shouldn’t they lose their right to vote first?

  71. Don’t ever come down South with that kind of mentality…. If you do? Then before – you need to send in advance where we can send the flowers……..

  72. I’m a retired police chief and I wouldn’t let this guy walk a beat on my dept. I would have filed charges and and recommended he be dismissed if he pulled a street light stunt in my town. There are working cops that become great chiefs then there are the political suck axx’s who aren’t worth a hoot and play at being a tough and stupid statements. But then what. do I know I was a lowly three star chief.

  73. The chicago police chief should be forced to resign in disgrace for that remark This is just the kind of thing the Nazis or Communists would do

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