The Illinois House Committee scheduled to hear an amendment to SB2899 adjourned without calling the bill.  Gun Grabbers are expected to be idle for the rest of the Lame Duck session.


More to follow….

9 thoughts on “Breaking: House Committee Abandons Gun Ban”
  1. “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” (Gideon J. Tucker)

  2. It would be great to see Guns Save Life signs on every highway in Illinois, and maybe on a billboard in Chicago as well.

  3. I keep thinking these posts are about federal legislature…Ugh

    Good for IL, but the feds are still going after my defense tools.

  4. Take a look at:

    It may not carry as much weight as the more traditional approaches, but it’s easy and convenient. You will find most of the really bad bills in the ‘uncategorized’ section.

  5. I believe that we should thank the people on the front lines. I truly doubt, with out these people our 2nd amendment rights would have been violated, and thrown aside a long time ago. Thanks to GSL and the NRA-ILA and any other organization or individual that stands up for our 2nd amendment rights, and I am proud we could all stick together in melting the phone lines and being heard. THANKS!!!

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