Too smart by half

Critical hatemail arrived today in the old spam mailbox.


From “E L”<>

Thu Dec 27 10:39:04 CST 2012

John and John – just watched a piece on your organization on The Atlantic website and, then, visited your website, 

Uhhhhhh, shouldn’t it be Guns Save Lives ?  I mean, your subject is plural, your verb is plural, the object should be plural, as well:  guns save lives.  

I mean, your whole concept is ignorant, so I don’t suppose the name of your website and organization shouldn’t be ignorant, as well . . . perhaps that is your subtle point with the name of your organization, implicitly and subtly saying, “We is ignorant.”

Well done,


Ed gets credit for the updated headline.

3 thoughts on “Critical hatemail has landed… Ed’s too smart by half.”
  1. Ask John Lott if the whole concept is ignorant. He summarized his findings in a book called “More Guns, Less Crime”.

  2. It’s too easy to get caught up in insignificant errors such as grammar. There are more important issues here.

    This fellow doesn’t seem to understand basic a basic law of nature: the strong enslave the weak.

    Weapons, whether they be guns, knives, bombs, or WND’s, simply make the weak more equal.

    My conceren is that a majority of the United States citizens do not understand this.

    All one needs to do is to look to third world nations where tyranny reigns.

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