Picollo and his Seeing Eye Cat.

Picollo, the fellow in Pennsylvania many of us know as the guy who had the Seeing Eye Cat stories, offered up an interesting blog entry that nailed it on several levels.

I report excerpts here for your edification.

Check ’em out.

And the Seeing Eye Cat (SEC) stories?  Don’t follow that link unless you have good bladder control and don’t have any friends, co-workers or loved ones within earshot or they’ll think you’ve gone insane laughing so hard.

But the one below isn’t a SEC story and it’s of a much more serious tone:


A visit to a gun store

(Picollo’s Hash blog) – Yesterday, having received a couple of calls, I took it upon myself to wander through the local gun stores and see what was going on and the reports I have heard are 100% true.

I was witness to what very well may be the biggest civilian arms build-up in the history of the United States.

The first place I checked out was mobbed and the wall that generally holds ARs and AKs was bare. They were sold out and I overheard that another place I did business with while I was on the competitive circuit had moved over 200 ARs and about an equal number of AKs in less than two days.

A couple people told me that someone moved a truckload of ammo in a day. That’s well over a million rounds and an awful lot of ammo.

The other thing I heard is that another surplus dealer went into his warehouse and got three footlockers of Vietnam era 20 round magazines out and taped them together in lots of ten and moved them in a day. Twenty round magazines normally do not sell to anyone but competitive service rifle shooters as they are shorter than thirty round mags. The extra length of the thirty rounders get in the way in prone shooting.

I have also read that Brownells, a firearm accessory and ammunition seller that the number of P-mags they sell in about 3.5 years have sold in 36 hours and they have moved even greater a number of their own brand of magazines. That’s a lot of magazines. A visit to their website seems to confirm this. They have said that orders are running behind because of the volume of orders.

…Over the years I have asked a few of the many policemen I have shot with at various matches what their worst fears were and many of them have said that it was ‘a rifleman that knows what he is doing’.

…Writing this piece has left me with a very tight knot in my stomach that I have not had in decades. It’s the feeling we’re headed into a major civil war and there isn’t a damned thing anyone can do about it.

One thought on “Picollo nails it: The rush to arm up”
  1. There’s much that could be done. Our masters want it this way! They will continue to divide and tax and ridicule group after group until all but their dependent pets are out in the cold.

    The thieves and whores we send to DC are forgetting one important truth; that one with nothing to lose fights hardest.

    The average Joe and Jane with house and job have 40% less net worth than when Clinton was screwing us one intern at a time. With this guy, we are all being systemically robbed to fund their games. In the very near future it will come crashing down. I hope I live to see it.

    Molon Labe DC.

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