The scene from a mass public attack in Kansas City, KS at the ConAgra plant. Note the “gun free zone” sign in the foreground.

Gun-free zones afford make-believe protection from whack-jobs, terrorists and criminals

Let’s put an end to “gun-free” zones


Gun-free zones fail miserably time and time again as every mass public shooting since 1955 has occurred at a gun-free zone except one.

Most recently gun-free zones failed at an elementary school in Connecticut as a crazed individual committed a massacre there.

Let’s face it:  Gun-free zones provide only make-believe protection from whack-jobs, terrorists and criminals.

Not only is a gun-free zone’s protection make-believe, but in real-life, it emboldens those who would victimize the innocent and we’ll tell you why:  Attackers know there won’t be any meaningful resistance in the form of armed good guys because good guys play by the rules.

It’s time for Americans to end their love affair with gun-free zones and the make-believe protection they provide.

Let’s allow the good guys the option to carry the means with which to thwart violent attack in these locations.

By doing so, we’ll increase the proven deterrence that armed good guys have against those who would terrorize or victimize the innocent.


10 thoughts on “Let’s put an end to “gun-free” zones”
  1. I firmly believe if a police officer or armed good Guy had been in the building this would not have happened.

  2. I’d go one step further… I’d require all schools to have at least a certain percentage (say 25%) of the staff to be trained and licensed for concealed carry, and to be armed at all times while on the premises.
    Something like that would have saved many lives, not only in this case, but in other school shootings.

  3. Typical gun fantasist nonsense. You’ll *always* get the drop on an attacker, won’t you? Pathetic. Learn how to use a gun, not just fantasize about what you would do with it, and you’d realize how silly your plan is.

    [Editor: We advocate gun owners get formal training to safely and more effectively employ their safety rescue tool against violent attack. Just because something doesn’t work *every time* as a reason to discard it is illogical and just plain silly. We don’t quit advocating for smoke detectors just because sometimes the battery inside might be dead, for instance.]

  4. I think you guys are crazy. You’re asking to put guns into the hands of people doing one of the most underpaid, under appreciated, stressful, and important jobs in America. At least I agree with you on one point, I do think safe zones are stupid, but that’s because guns should be outlawed in the first place. You think it makes you safer but when everyone has the ability to kill everyone else that’s not safe, that’s society on the verge of collapse. The only people I should think are well trained enough to carry guns at any point should be the police, but even then I think there are better means of incapacitating people then shooting them.

    1. There’s one important difference between your average teacher and most other people in an underpaid (although not all of them are underpaid) job… The teachers, for the most part, are teaching because they really care about the kids and want them to learn. Yes, there are a few who do it just for a job, but for most teachers I know, they do it because the love the job and the kids they teach. Take some of those teachers, send them to NRA pistol courses, and you have someone on site who can respond to crazies without having to try to hide them in a closet until the police get there.
      Victoria Soto was a hero for sacrificing her own safety to try to save her class. I’d rather she were a live hero because she was armed and trained and put 2 rounds into the maniac’s face when he came in the door.

  5. Well Yea, serious. Clinging to beliefs proven to not work aren’t we.
    Underpaid? Teachers I agree for the most part are, especially the good ones which there are many of, but what does that have to do with it? They are more unsafe, or incapable and likely to do something wrong/bad because they are underpaid, under appreciated etc?
    And oh yea, never mind the Constitution, it’s just in the way. It is the major difference between this country and most any other and you can’t ignore it. Society on the verge of collapse? It seems people still are trying to get to this country to live HERE for some reason. It must be better, thus far anyway.
    Speaking of underpaid, you think the police aren’t as well? How about under appreciated, stressed, too few and most importantly, under trained. I will bet that many, if not most concealed carry license holders have better recurrency training than most police, excluding the special tactical units.
    Your last argument is just to sophomoric to address really, but very condensed and not all inclusive is, NO ONE wants to shoot anyone. You shoot only when your life, or some one else’s is in immediate/imminete danger. And that happens VERY often, and civic minded, law-abiding people, are saved that would not have been, period.
    It is significant that you won’t acknowledge the difference in legal minded, law-abiding citizens v felons, criminals etc. There IS a difference and you talk as if, ‘we’ are all the same. That distinction must be made.

    Nuff said.

  6. Seriously…don’t project your own immaturity on the rest of us. I carry because I care.

    My wife’s a teacher, and she’d be prepared to defend her students.

    If you think “gun free zones” are the answer, why didn’t we just declare New York a “hurricane free zone” before Sandy came ashore?

    If you think banning guns is the answer, look hard at the places that have gun bans…There is still gun vioilence and all forms of violent crime go up when the “takers” learn that the pool of potential victims is defenseless…
    Human nature has not changed since 1776…politicians still want to reign or rule instead of serve, governments still want to control the population and raise revenue whether the people agree to how it’s spent or not…and guns are still the answer to ultimately making the government respect those pesky ungovernable people who elected them.

    1. Hurricane Free Zone! Why didn’t Bloomberg think of that before Sandy. He thinks he can ban baby formula, sodas, salt and transfat. Why not ban hurricanes!

  7. Seriously, also…
    As to putting guns into the hands of teachers, do you leave your most precious kids with a babysitter you know to be immature, irresponsble, and incapable of protecting them?

    When you consciously take on adult responsibilities for your own kids or other folks kids’ lives, and put some thought into “what if” scenarios on how to keep them safe, you will grow up a bit.

    Knowing you have a life or death capability and a genuine responsibility that you can’t pawn off on the Police (who even on the best days probably won’t be there when you need them) is sobering, and not everyone is ready for it, but those who are understand they really are the only Grownups in the room.

    You’re in denial if you think the world will ever be perfectly safe and sane.

  8. Better yet….lets go with flame throwers to defend the kids….or grenades…

    Lets remove child molestation laws…the crazies are just going to do it anyway..

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