Cornered Cat has a great, partially tongue-in-cheek piece on how to make your wife hate guns.

Or, if you turn things around (or don’t do what is mentioned), how to make your wife love guns – or at least not dislike them.


Never invite her to the range in the first place. You know she’ll hate it, so why bother? Don’t risk being pleasantly surprised. Instead, spend both days of every weekend at the local range or attending every gun show or IDPA match in a four-state radius. Use every spare second during the week for reloading, cleaning your guns, or just perusing firearms magazines. If she ever comments wistfully that she sure wishes you would spend some time with her, take that to mean she doesn’t want you to shoot any more, and use the opportunity to start a good argument.

Spend all your household money on guns & shooting supplies. Also, lie about it. Convince her you have neither honesty nor self-control when it comes to buying guns and that you need her to put the brakes on your purchases before you go bankrupt.

Disregard her legitimate safety concerns. At least once a week, leave your loaded carry gun on the coffee table where the kids can get it. Especially if your wife worries about safety, handle guns negligently when she’s around. Dry fire while pointing the gun at her cat. Or at the TV. You get bonus points if you accidentally shoot the TV while she is in the room.

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