We’ve all seen gun rag articles gushing over marginal products which are also advertised in the same magazines.  Coincidence, of course.  Right?


We at Guns Save Life are aggressive in taking it to those who would take your freedom and liberty away.  Some say we’re too aggressive, but we call it like we see it and let the chips fall where they may.

Sometimes being aggressive in calling out those opposed to freedom and liberty can come at a very tangible financial cost. Days of our Trailers has covered Josh Sugarmann’s demand as published on the Huffington Post back in 2010.

“Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll must put a focus on reducing access to firearms,” Sugarmann concluded his screed.

Running that through the universal translator:  We need to make gun ownership more difficult for black folks in order to reduce black homicides.

We reported this in GunNews back in the May 2012 issue by reprinting a piece from our friend Kurt Hofmann from the Gun Rights Examiner.

At the time, we were on the verge of inking a year-long, full-page advertising contract with an Illinois-based firearm manufacturer.

Violence Policy Center’s solution to reduce the black homicide toll:  NO GUNS FOR NEGROES

by Kurt Hofmann
(Gun Rights Examiner) All week, we have been discussing efforts, prompted by the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, to tie racial politics to gun policy.

The Violence Policy Center that has gotten  into the act, with executive director Josh Sugarmann commenting in the Huffington Post on what he calls the “grim irony” of the NRA holding its convention in Missouri, of all states, which (according to Sugarmann) has a higher rate of homicides of African-Americans than any other state:

…What Sugarmann did not point out then, and is certainly not pointing out now, is that the vast majority of the murderers of African-Americans are also black (91.1% then, 89.4% now).  In other words, Sugarmann makes an issue of the fact that almost 57% of black homicides are committed with handguns, while pretending to ignore the vastly stronger correlation of race.  If the focus for reducing black homicide, then, “must” be on “reducing access to firearms,” then whose access must be reduced?

“No guns for negroes,” all over again, right in line with the shameful history of American “gun control.”


Shortly after we published the Hofmann piece, we heard from a representative of that company.  After reading the headline (we can’t imagine they actually took the time to read the article, could they?), they told us they would get back to us about that advertising agreement to appear in GunNews.

Here we are five plus months later and guess who hasn’t called?

That’s okay.  We’ll welcome them aboard if they change their mind and want to reach nearly 15,000 gun owners in Illinois and Indiana each month for about a penny per set of eyeballs at some point in the future.


photo by Oleg Volk.