All the news that’s fit to print – or so they claim.

Late yesterday, the New York Times published a raving lament crying about the lack of discussion of gun control in this presidential campaign.

The nation is in the middle of the second great depression (if you factor out monetization and other games by the Federal Reserve from the GDP) and the NY Times wastes dead paper and digital ink on an anti-civil rights screed?

What ever happened to newspapers guarding our civil rights?

Oh, that’s right.  They forget the Second Amendment is one of our civil rights!

It’s no wonder audiences and advertising dollars are down sharply among newspapers, with trash like this.

How bad is it for the newspapers?

So, the New York Times graces us with this editorial attacking gun owners as if gun owners were Japanese Americans during World War II and need to be locked up in internment camps.

Here are some of the gems contained therein:

…In truth, gun laws are being loosened, not strengthened, by state legislatures, often with bipartisan support. Among the worst measures are permits for carrying guns in colleges and other public places and the atrocious “stand your ground” laws that basically permit machismo fantasists to shoot to kill when they feel threatened.

…This nation needs sane and effective gun control policies, including the assault weapons ban, not political obfuscation. Whichever candidate wins, his term is certain to be marked by the shooting deaths of tens of thousands more Americans.

Ignoring the fact that gun control is racist, sexist and classist, why is it that leftists are always so anti-freedom?