by John Boch
If you’re ever within an hour or two of Evansville, Indiana on the last Saturday of the month, I invite you to check out the Second Amendment Patriots meeting.

Like Guns Save Life, the 2nd Amendment Patriots turn out scores of high quality, very friendly people who share a passion for guns and gun ownership.

They have fewer guns actually on display at their meetings than we do.  That’s in part because they mostly *wear* their guns, in the loaded condition.
The 2A Patriots has a slightly more political flavor to their meetings.   Their president, the affable Jim Tomes, is quite charismatic to say the least.

Invariably there are lots of “politicians” present, but these aren’t your career politicians.  These were regular members of the 2nd Amendment Patriots like Jim Tomes who decided to get more active in politics and run for office themselves.  Quite a few have been successful too.

They have guest speakers and a good program too.

Their meeting officially starts at 6pm, but before the start, there is a potluck dinner, so arrive early and bring a bucket of chicken or a case of soda.  It’s held at the West Side Sportsman’s Club in Evansville.

Check it out sometime.