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Democrats are in big trouble; GUN RIGHTS set to WIN BIG

August 30, 2016


This election obviously carries with it serious ramifications for our gun rights, not only at the top with who we elect as president, but also in Congress and in our state and local governments. Donald Trump has presented himself as strongly pro-gun. Hillary, quite the contrary.  In fact, she’s bragged about her F-rating from the NRA as a badge of honor.


Some of her supporters will try to conceal her anti-gun intentions, just like they did with Barack Obama eight years ago, but The Truth About Guns did a nice job outing her in her own words in “The Trace Traces Clinton’s Stance on Guns.”

Voter enthusiasm is what elects candidates. When voters get excited, they vote and they tend to motivate their like-minded friends to vote.

The natural state of the electorate is apathy. When there’s no charisma and no excitement, people stay home.

Right now, Republicans have exhibited record enthusiasm thus far this election season, while Democrats are showing a remarkable amount of apathy. All in all, it has the makings of a perfect storm for Democrats. If it continues or grows, not only will Hillary Clinton lose her race for the White House, but plenty of her fellow Democrats running for all manner of local, state and national offices will meet the same fate.

Let’s look at the voting numbers from the primary elections:

Historically, Democrat turnout in the primaries has pretty much always crushed Republican turnout.

In 2008

22.0 million Republicans voted
38.1 million Democrats voted

In 2012

only 19.2 million Republicans voted

But so far in 2016

31.2 million Republicans voted  (+42% over 2008, +62% over 2012)
30.7 million Democrats voted (-24% over 2008)

Participation by Republicans in primaries exploded this year over the past two cycles, up 42% over 2008 and 62% over 2012. That’s while participation by Democrats has fallen, plummeting 24% from ballots cast in 2008. That’s an 86% enthusiasm gap thus far this year in voter turnout.

Let’s look at the General Election bump:

While this has been anything but a usual year, there’s another “given” in studying elections: the general election always turns out lots more voters than the primaries.

In 2008, Democrats saw 74.7% more votes cast for Obama in the general than were cast for all Democrats in the primaries. Republicans that same year saw an increase of 164.6%.

Transposing those 2008 “growth” numbers on this year’s primary turnout would yield:

53.6 million votes for Hillary Clinton
82.7 million votes for Donald Trump

Yeah, that’d be a blow-out.

In 2012, the Republican “growth” in votes between from the primaries to the general was 208%, which would correspond to 96 million (!) votes for Trump.

Hillary Clinton has already proven that she can’t generate the excitement and enthusiasm that “America’s Greatest Gun Salesman” did in 2008. But for argument’s sake, let’s assume she’s able to do so between now and November. For Donald Trump to remain competitive in the general election this fall, he’d only need to achieve a similar 75% growth in the number of general election votes cast over the primaries.

Let’s look at the optics shaping up in this campaign:

Let’s face it, the majority of Americans aren’t as informed as they should be about the candidates in particular, or frankly, the parties in general. Optics play a huge role in many peoples’ decision-making.

First off, in this year’s presidential race, Donald Trump has been filling huge auditoriums and stadiums with tens of thousands two and three times each day. Here’s a shot from his Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania stop…where there were 6,000 people who couldn’t get in the building.


At the same time, Hillary Clinton is struggling to fill high school gymnasiums. This is from West Philadelphia, right next to a city with three-quarters of a million Dems.


What’s more, there’s all the talk about Hillary taking weekends off from campaigning to rest up and looking unstable, needing to get up stairs.


There’s also her mental lapses during campaign events. Just in the last week or so, we’re seeing more pictures of Hillary looking weak. She’s taken to using a stool.


Now people have begun noticing how she’s being propped up by pillows (photos via Heat Street):




In short, she doesn’t exude strength and vitality. Instead she looks visibly weak. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now there’s news that she’s got no public appearances scheduled for the next few days.

Americans can smell weakness and they don’t like it. Optics are everything.

Just ask Michael Dukakis.

August 20th 2007    Royal Oak Mi:       Rain  floods the curb lanes of Woodward avenue near 13mile road.  Photos by Charles V. Tines, The Detroit News.

August 20th 2007 Royal Oak Mi: Rain floods the curb lanes of Woodward avenue near 13mile road.
Photos by Charles V. Tines, The Detroit News.

Or John Kerry.


Americans saw these photos and they saw weakness. Weak optics bode poorly for Hillary, and if people aren’t excited about her, they are less likely to go vote. That’s just more bad news for Democrats, and they’ve had plenty of bad news already.

The Obama Legacy hasn’t been good for them, either. Since his inauguration in January 2009, Democrats have lost:

** 14 Senate seats
** 69 House seats
** 12 governorships
** 910 state legislature seats

If this enthusiasm gap holds or grows, 2016 will not only add to those totals, but do so in big way. While I know some staunchly pro-gun Dems, by and large there’s a reason Democrats are known as the party of gun control.

Republicans, on the other hand, are more often than not the party that defends and protects our right to self-defense and our right to keep and bear arms.

Let’s work hard to help ensure a big year so our kids and their kids can enjoy the rights we’ve grown up with.

“But I can’t vote for Trump”

Yes, some conservatives and not-so-conservatives are upset that “their guy” in the crowded field didn’t get the nomination.

Guess what?  There are millions of people in that other party that are in the same boat.  In fact, without the party insiders known as “super delegates”, Hillary likely would have lost for the second time in her bid for the Democratic nomination for president.   It’s bad enough she won this year’s nomination with fewer votes than in 2008 when she lost to Barack Hussein Obama, but there are plenty of seriously upset peeps who feel badly berned by the whole crooked process.

Whether you were a Kasich fan or a Rubio follower, or Ted Cruz was your guy – the voters have spoken.  Donald Trump is the nominee.

You might need to work through your five steps of grief (or anger?).   You might lose some sleep over it or you might just be a big fan of Donald Trump’s no-nonsense, brash presence.

Regardless, either Hillary or Donald will win this race to fundamentally transform America – either finishing the job BHO has begun or rolling back his policies like Ronald Reagan did with the Carter administration’s disastrous four years.

Before Obama, many people thought Jimmy Carter’s term was the worst presidency in American history.

It can get worse.

If you vote freedom first, you’re going to vote for Donald Trump.  A vote for anyone besides TRUMP is a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Ponder that dispassionately before you pull the lever.

The next president will nominate replacements for three to five Supreme Court justices who will shape American life for the next generation or two.

It’s your call on the temperament of those justices.  Will they be Antonin Scalia-like protectors of our guns and gun rights or Ruth Ginsburg-like?

7 Responses to Democrats are in big trouble; GUN RIGHTS set to WIN BIG

  1. dp on August 30, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Voting Hillary would mean the continued explosion in violent crime, the continued assault on law enforcement, the continued buying of the poverty vote, the continued welcoming of terrorists into our country, the continued weakening of this nation as she gets wealthier selling favors and pieces of this country. She is pure evil, from a family of liars. I thought Obama was the worst president ever, but Hillary would make him look like a non racist saint.

  2. Sam Whittemore on August 31, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    Don’t forget: Hillary carries hot sauce in her purse.

    Yeah, Hillary is something else. Her health looks poor though. I wonder if Mrs. Clinton will even be with us in four years.

    Sometimes she looks like she can barely walk and she talks in one nasty, gravelly voice that my grandmother had shortly before she died.

    I can’t wait for the debates between her and Trump. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t do them from a wheelchair.

  3. Hank on August 31, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Hillary can’t hack campaigning. She rides around in that van because she can’t get up out of a car seat. She’s practically phoning in this phony campaign. Trump rallies hundreds of thousands of supporters. Hillary dines with the elitist donors/fools looking to help them part with their money.

  4. Patrick Peterson on August 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Hillary is still extremely dangerous. If she passed away on the campaign trail, the prog-libs would still vote for her picture.

  5. Old Number 3 on August 31, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Compare pictures of her from just a year ago to pictures taken of her recently. The difference is obvious. She wears even more make up to cover it too. Look at her neck, it looks like a plucked turkey’s ass. Worse yet, the uglier her appearance the uglier she gets on the inside.

  6. Jackie on September 10, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    Now she’s calling us Trump supporters. Deplorable. Well maybe that will just about be the end of any chance she has of getting elected . But then like has been said. They’de vote for her if it was just a photo . That’s how dumb they are !!!

  7. Keith on September 13, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I am a retired Police Officer from New York City. My reason for starting that way is because my comment is directed at the members of the Missouri FOP post. When did you decide the people of your State are a flock of sheep rather than your equals?

    Off duty Police Officers drive drunk, get in arguments, fights with neighbors, abuse their girlfriends, wives and children, yet we send them home with GUNS. Who is more dangerous, an off duty emotionally impaired police officer or an emotionally impaired citizen? I venture to say it is the police officer. He/she has been trained in the use of the weapon, how to retain the weapon when confronted and most importantly already admitted to themselves and their department that they are WILLING to use the weapon against another person.

    Kevin Ahlbrand statement that Police will no longer be able to take guns away from VIOLENT persons is absurd, but also acknowledges that violent persons already have weapons. Somewhere along the line we have allowed the GOVERNMENT aided by the press to divide us into good people and bad people. Police officers are no better than any other segment of our society and I for one do not wish to live in a police state. It is long past the time for Police Officers to remember that the citizens are their PEERS. I don’t know Kevin Ahibrand and he does not know me. I suspect that he is a very nice man and he is well like by the men and women who selected him to represent them. On behalf of the 350 million Americans who did not get to vote for the guy who bought his friends the most beers that night, a few of us don’t care what he thinks.