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It’s not “optimal”? No, Mr. President. It’s an ACT OF WAR!

October 18, 2012


We at Guns Save Life recognize and honor the precious nature of our servicemen and their sacrifices.  We recognize their are a limited commodity that cannot be borrowed infinitely from the Chinese.

So when the U.S. President calls the deaths of our ambassador to Libya, along with a diplomat and two former US Navy SEALS “not optimal”, our blood comes to a boil.

This man is not an empty suit.  He’s not an embarrassment to the nation.


He’s got to go.

Make sure you vote November 6th.

Honor these men:

Ambassador Chris Stevens.


Diplomat Sean Smith.


Former US Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods.


Former US Navy SEAL Glen Doherty.


Oh, and it’s nothing to be laughing about, Mr. President.

Image from NoCalBlogs.com.