Have you been slightly confused over who’s who in the Pritzker clan?  Well, good news.  We’re going to shed some light on the uber-rich Pritzker family right here, right now.  The family, which amassed its fortune from the Hyatt Hotel chain, currently has problems.  Big problems.  Problems that make Governor (and wanna be Presidential contender) JB Pritzker’s humiliation at the non-compliance of his centerpiece gun ban legislation.

In the past week, we’ve learned that another Pritzker, Thomas who currently heads grandpa’s Hyatt hotel chain, reported had sex with at least one underage girl trafficked internationally to service him.

Then there’s the governor’s sister Penny, another hard-core lunatic leftist under fire for trying to provide cover for the former Harvard University President, the now disgraced apparent serial plagiarist Claudine Gay.

These wouldn’t be the first scandals in which the billionaire-trust-fund babies have found themselves embroiled.

Here, let’s let the New York Post pick up the story and we’ll start with the money quote first:

“This is a hard-left leaning political family entirely funded by the Hyatt Hotel empire who say they want to fight what they call right-wing extremism when, in fact, they are the extremists.”

Amen.  But such is the nature of a lot of politics in our nation today when it comes to the hard left.  Speech opposing their point of view is considered “violence” and violent suppression of opposing viewpoints (that’s called fascism) is seen to them as their free speech.

Just like at Joe Biden’s first campaign ad for the 2024 season.  He can barely speak… or maybe the whole thing is created by AI.  Who knows.

Here’s more:

Sarah Parshall Perry, an attorney and senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, said the Pritzker family is rapidly becoming “radioactive” and has a history of scandal.

Among many incidents, Penny once served on the board of Superior Bank, which the Pritzker family bought with $460 million in tax credits from the federal government.

The bank later collapsed after being one of the first to traffic in subprime mortgages.

A photo of one of Gov. Pritzker's Chicago mansions.
A $25 million re-model of this Chicago townhouse led to legal woes for Gov. J.B. Pritzker.  Image via Google Maps

Gov. J.B. Pritzker found himself in hot water in 2018 when it was discovered that he and his wife, Mary, had bought a second home next door to the Gold Coast mansion they lived in and let it fall into disrepair, even ripping out five toilets, so it would be classified “uninhabitable” — and they’d get a hefty property tax decrease.

Anthony Pritzker, brother of J.B. and Penny, runs the Pritzker Group private equity firm, and was the subject of a mini-scandal when he and his wife bought and then demolished a landmark Beverly. Hills home, irking their neighbors when they built a massive mega-mansion in its place.

We would concur about the radioactivity.  Who knows.  Given the major league corruption in Illinois politics, maybe old JB Pritzker will be the first of the Pritzkers to go to prison.

I know.  Keep dreaming, right?


“This is a hard-left leaning political family entirely funded by the Hyatt Hotel empire who say they want to fight what they call right-wing extremism when, in fact, they are the extremists,” Perry told The Post.

“In order to hire Claudine Gay and keep her in her position, Penny … got someone in there who is an apologist for this new kind of anti-racism which involves people promoting other individuals who are pushing this narrative of colonialism.

“It’s ironic that the Pritzkers with their family history do not seem to recognize the hard work and merit which has made our nation great and instead push forward individuals who point to colonialism and white supremacy and white nationalism,” Perry added. “They are doing a disservice to scholarly integrity as well as integrity in the governor’s office.”

Of course, there’s Jennifer Pritzker, formerly Col. James Pritzker, the transgendered cousin of the Land of Lincoln governor JB.

Let’s refer to “her” as Col. Pritzker.

Col. Pritzker is the owner of the military museum and shooting range that has moved from Chicago to just over the border into Wisconsin in recent years.  The story we’ve heard is that Col. Pritzker is very conservative and a big fan of guns.  Yes, family get-togethers with the rest of the uber hard-left Pritzkers at the holidays is rather, uhm, tense.

Col. Pritzker and his wife. Screen cap from Crain’s Chicago Business.

At the same time Col. Pritzker has become a huge “philanthropist” promoting so-called transgendered causes.

And still more from the Post:

Until recently, the most controversial members of Chicago’s ultra-rich and powerful Pritzker family were the billionaire Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker — a longtime Democratic activist and bail reform advocate — and his billionaire transgender cousin Jennifer, who’s funneled millions into universities, medical schools, gender clinics and nonprofits in support of “gender-affirming” medical care.

This week, however, they’ve been overshadowed by family members who are embroiled in two of the biggest news stories of the moment.

The governor’s sister Penny, 64, is front and center with the resignation Tuesday of Harvard president Claudine Gay over multiple instances of plagiarism. Penny has been, since February 2022, senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation — the governing board that recruited, hired and protected Gay in light of her scandals, including underplaying antisemitism at the school.

Meanwhile, cousin Thomas Pritzker is named in newly unsealed documents relating to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Virginia Giuffre claims she was trafficked overseas to have sex with the now 73-year-old, who is chairman of Hyatt Hotels and CEO of the Pritzker Organization.


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  1. It’s the whole Prickster cabal that is pushing and funding the tranny, transhumanism crap.
    None of this matters, as to the whole MSM, it’s just a big yawn.
    On another note, shouldn’t Col. Prickster more appropriately be called Bud Ugly?
    What’s worse, that thing or “Rachel” Levine?

  2. Let’s be fair. No chance Lard Lad ever participated in the Lolita Express. Much like his own feet, he hasn’t seen ‘it’ in years.

    1. If Stephen Hawking got serviced, then I’m sure JB could have performed with enough pharma.

  3. No matter how many millions/billions? the hard core Marxist-leftists-democRATS have at their disposal, they won’t pay their “fair share” of taxes, a la: Joe/Humper Bidumb, and the pathetic Prickster clan, while at the same time demonize “the rich” (other than themselves) for not paying their “fair share”, while the elitists in state legislatures and the US congress write the tax legislation with exemptions made just for “the rich”.

  4. Too cheap to pay tens of thousands in property taxes yet this guy is worth two-plus billion dollars? He’s not the smartest butterknife in the drawer, is he?
    And the Thomas guy? If that’s him at the top he looks like a goddamn pedo. Christ, what a fuckup. If it weren’t for the Hyatt fortune and the nice threads, he would be a used car salesman at the “buy here, pay here” car lot. But his money apparently buys him companionship with underage girls. How creepy. I guess it could be worse. He could like lil boys instead. Or maybe he does. Who knows with these freaks.
    Yeah, JB has seen his little buddy since third grade and probably not even with a mirror since college.
    The whole lot of them are great examples of trust fund babies with too much time and too few responsibilities.

  5. THank you. I always thought it was JB that had the fancy museum and private gun collection. I had no idea it was… a very different Pritzker. And he’s supposedly conservative who is a tranny activist who likes guns? My head is spinning. I need a drink.
    He must have read way, way too much into Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” song.


  6. Byron, the actual worst part of the “responsibilities” they do acquire and use are only to their personal advantage whether for enhanced power of position or to exert power over the “serfs”, aka: peons, or, as they see it, power over those with “less standing” in their overall scheme of things.
    May God watch over us and America, deliver us from the evil in the actions of the Marxist-democRATS abusing their misguided “authority”.

  7. My wife was seated with Col. Pritzker at a lady’s fundraiser luncheon, she told me that the Col. was nice and spent much money at the auction. Consrvative, 2A supporting, transgender veteran who’s the black sheep of the Pritzker family, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

  8. Part of the ‘elites’. All are mentally ill, immoral, tyrannical ass clowns.

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