Yesterday, the US Senate blocked a move that would allow Democrats to pass their new semi-auto gun ban.  And today, the hits keep on coming for grandpa bad touch, as he’s now at his lowest approval rating ever – 37%.  His lowest approval rating… so far at least.

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Republicans moved to block a ban on assault-style weapons put forward by Democrats on Wednesday

Another way of writing this would be to say that a sweeping gun ban measure lacked the votes by a wide margin to pass the US Senate yesterday.

, as the United States recorded the highest number of mass shootings for the second year in a row.

The Second Amendment is NOT subject to “interest-balancing” tests.  Besides, if you think mass murderers have killed too many people, you just have to look back in history to see what government have done to disarmed citizenry.

Continuing the piece written by an anti-gun activist Democrat with a byline:

The motion, put forward by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, would have reauthorized the Assault Weapons Ban, which first passed in 1994 and expired 10 years later.

If your cause is righteous, why do you have to lie?  The bill would ban not just some guns popular for self-defense across America, but every semi-automatic handgun and rifle in America.  And all magazines over 10 rounds.  No grandfathering, either.

The ban covers certain semi-automatic firearms and large capacity ammunition magazines, and ushered in a decrease of deaths from gun violence while it was in place.

That ban did cover “certain” guns, but did nothing for those already owned except cause their values to skyrocket.  As for decreases in deaths?  Not true.  Is it any wonder why the vast majority of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media?

As for the Pervert-in-Chief:

Is Joe hoping for a Sportsman’s double?


6 thoughts on “US Senate blocks Dems ‘Ban All Semi-Auto Guns’ bill; Biden hits lowest approval rating… SO FAR”
  1. Only someone mentally ill or blown out on drugs would give any kind of approval to the Chi Com owned puppet stooge. The old pedo creep needs to keep his hands off the children. speaking of old pieces of shit Chucky “the cockroach” Schumer likes to make speeches about guns killing innocent people and all the usual bullshit but let’s not forget it’s his Marxist run Dummycrat party that blocks any attempt to have armed and trained staff at schools. It’s Dummycrat liberal scum run states that make it the hardest for law abiding citizens to carry firearms. Dirty pig bastards like him and our very own sack of shit Dick(sucker) Durbin have the blood of innocents all over their own hands. Every time a gun free zone gets shot up it’s the fault of scum like them for making it so easy. Of course being the lowest form of scum they have no problem with their own security carrying guns while they want you disarmed.

    1. Hey, Bill, don’t hold back, let us know how you really feel, haha, I Concur! you really put the truth out like it should be expressed!

  2. If the “approval rating” of the Criminal-in Chief (Joe “biteme” Bidumb) drops to about 10%, which would be mainly the Marxist “media” that have been his main “support” and will never give up as his support staff because they are the ones that put him into office, even his administration will encourage him to drop (dead) out and let Kommie-toe have her (second) chance at the presidency. We then might have a “cackkkler in chief”, the best joke the democRATS could force upon the American citizens! God forbid
    Pray for America! TRUMP 2024!

    1. Joe has outlived his uselessness to the left …they’re going to allow him to be indicted. (That’s cute, my voice recognition software typed “in diapers”) then they’re going to convict him (he’ll then die quickly) and hunter and the nominee will be either michelle obama or gavin gruesome.
      Even the left isn’t stupid enough to let that crazy cackling broad be the nominee. No matter how useful an idiot she is.

  3. The Communists will never stop despite the Constitution and the USSC. Should Congress pass such a bill it is obviously unconstitutional. This will not stop the Communists as an armed citizenry is the last bulwark. Eventually these people WILL come for our firearms. Then you will see the shooting civil war.

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