So Gretchan Carlson, whoever that is, opened her piehole to tell us all she’s a big fan of math.  And then she let the whole world know that math isn’t her strong suit.  Talk about a self-own.  Why it’s almost like she’s a beauty queen and not an academic queen.  Oh wait.

In a tweet I’m sure she wishes she could take back, she said that in 1992, 21 of every 100 guns made was an AR-15.  Then she goes on to say that “By 2020, almost 1 in 5 guns made” was an AR-15.

Yeah, math is hard.

4 thoughts on “MATH ISN’T HER STRONG SUIT: Gretchen Carlson’s uncomfortable truth about America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15”
  1. So… 21% aka: 21 of every 100, as opposed to 20% aka: 1 of every 5. Hmmm. She is kinda fugly, especially when you consider her logic. Where does she get her “figures”?

  2. Jesus. My wife says thanks Gretchen for perpetuating the stereotype of “airhead blonde beauty queen.” My wife is blonde, smart and a former county fair queen in the late 80s – about the same time this woman was Miss America.

    My lovely bride hates seeing pretty, but intellectually vacant ladies making fools of themselves as “beauty queens.” Truly in a nation this big we should be able to crown a beautiful woman that’s smarter than answering “Whirled peas” to the question “What would you like to see in the world?” Not a dumb bitch who doesn’t know that 1 in 5 is ** less than ** 21 in 100.

  3. Another example of gubmint skool edumacation?
    Recently saw on the news where they were talking about the graduation rates in Illinois. I believe they were celebrating it. They are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Graduation rates mean absolutely nothing when those you are graduating cannot even read the diploma they are given.
    The monopoly ATT had over telephones was broken up decades ago. Why not do the same with the monopoly the government has over education (or the lack of)?

  4. Gretchen Carlson is a friend of Steve Douchey and the other morons at Fox News. NOT Conservatives. Stop f’ng watching Fox !!!!!

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