The courts should have kept Keoni Zucco in jail the first time after he beat the hell out of his girlfriend.  But nooooooooo, that would be so wrong.  Especially to a guy who is clearly the “World’s Greatest Boyfriend.”  So a judge turned him loose with an ankle monitor which Keoni, a few short weeks later, proudly wore when he tried to kill the girlfriend and her two kids with his vehicle.  Or so cops say.

This time, finally, a judge is holding this “World’s Greatest Boyfriend” and potential killer in jail for his own good, not to mention the well-being of the woman and her two kids.

CWB Chicago has yet another story of the revolving door of justice that leads to bad things happening to innocent people.

CHICAGO — Barely a month after a Cook County judge released a man from electronic monitoring to await trial for a felony gun and domestic battery case, the man is back in jail. He’s now accused of trying to kill a woman and her two children by ramming their car with his vehicle in a domestic incident.

Judge Anthony Calabrese yesterday held Keoni Zucco, 32, without bail.

Should the judge release him, I bet we could find a hog farm where he would be well-suited to do some work.

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  1. Yes like being tied to a pole with his bare lower body exposed and covered in honey to feed the hogs. Valuable work for a p.o.s.

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