“Racism” is the big bogeyman for the Left in America.


Do you remember Hadiya Pendleton’s murder?  I did.  She was an honor student, and given the quality (or lack thereof) in Chicago Public Schools, that’s saying something.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who recalled that her killers were a couple of black gang bangers.

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone remembered too.

As Miguel writes, “If your cause is righteous, why lie?

By the way, who else wears Orange?

Photo courtesy Gun Free Zone.net Click for full size.

NY Times photo.


6 thoughts on “Brady Campaign claims ‘Racism’ behind black-on-black violence”
  1. Oh boy here we go. The venerable tower of virtue. The Chicago Cubs, are promoting the wearing of orange also. But in their case. It’s supposedly to promote pride month. The folks on the left can never get their story straight.

  2. Hi Jboch, I hope you’ll see this. I wrote in another article that we should have a Constitutional Rights Offender Registry for any officer that enforces either this pistol brace or the “assault weapon” law. I wasn’t able to reply to your comment because the button wasn’t there but in response, you’re right, there probably isn’t a single legislature in the country that would pass such a thing. That’s because it would empower We The People wayyyyy too much. The Dems wouldn’t go for it because they WANT law enforcement going after their assumed political opponents otherwise known as lawful gun owners. The Republicans can shout freedom and pro-2A all they want but their votes in Springfield reflects a more accurate picture of their positions. Just look at HB2722 which funds Pritzker’s foot soldiers. The Repubs are 100% lockstep Uniparty! Aside from that, the GOP has this “back the blue” stuff so far up their backsides that most of them would throw We The People under the bus to avoid the risk of being called “anti-cop.” It’s like the fear on the other side of being called a racist. Once you get public officials in lockstep fear over what name they might get called, the activists groups control them like a puppet on a string and thus, said public official ignores the needs and RIGHTS of their constituents. So that being said, we still can’t count on the courts to save our rights. It is ultimately up to us, We The People to change the culture ourselves and thus the 2A. It has to be socially unacceptable to enforce these laws and ATF rules. So sure a legislature isn’t going to pass an offender registry, HOWEVER, someone in your position or anyone running a well known 2A website needs to set up a page where again, We The People can report in when an officer pulls over a CCW holder and checks the mags for 15 round compliance. OR when someone is target shooting with their AR especially if the registration on guns sticks and gets harassed. OR when someone is in a gun store and the ISP drops by for a compliance check. WE have the right to know any officer’s name, vehicle description, license plate number, badge number, what counties are enforcing this stuff, what highways cops hide behind the bushes licking their lips for a speeder when the real reason is for firearms compliance checks, what hunting grounds tend to have random cops in the area violating our rights. You see, WE can do a lot to not only shame the bad police doing this to us, but to also inform one another of what is happening and where so people will be more aware of it. Please consider this and talk to fellow journalists about it. It’s the one tool we do have in this culture war and we must take the recent constitutional violations more seriously and step it up. The system isn’t there to protect us. It’s there to screw us. It’s imperative to accept that reality. Please consider this! This does however, require courage.

  3. If these people were sincere about any of this, fighting systemic racism is the longest and slowest means to achieve their goal. Keeping fathers in the home with their kids would do far more. The amount of fatherless people in the system is overwhelming. But that might solve a problem, and the last thing the social agitators want is a problem solved.

    1. DemocRATS need criminal “violence”, killings, assaults, especially if firearms are used in order to facilitate the anti-gun agenda the reason behind state’s attorneys not prosecuting criminal behavior. As long as there is leniency there will be more crime. The Marxists use the criminal activity to divide Americans through the “race card”, spreading the lies, fear and demonization of “white supremacy” and “nationalism” to stoke hatred and their brand of racism. All as a means to destroy America as founded.

  4. I see no real point in commenting on this. The race card is so overplayed that it has lost all meaning. Even those that fling it, like so much shit through the bars, don’t even really believe what they are spewing anymore. It is long past time to ignore race pimps and race baiters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Phather Pflieger, and the rest of these frauds.

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