Darwin was distracted Sunday just after high noon when a 24-year-old CCW holder saw a group of bad actors trying to break into his car at the Ford City Mall parking lot.  Among the aspiring rocket scientists were Anton Cheeks, 21, and Travell Quadir Deal, 18.  Cheeks and Deal (or Deal n’ Cheeks?) were among those who pulled guns and opened fire when challenged.

Mr. CCW holder returned the favor, drawing and firing his own piece, grazing the mostly-empty brain housing group of one of the armed bad guys.  He did tag another one in the thigh though.  

The thugs were in such a hurry to flee that they crashed their (probably stolen) ride nearby, allowing police to put three in custody.

CHICAGO (CBS) — One man is hospitalized and three suspects are in custody after an attempted car theft and shootout at Ford City Mall on Chicago’s Southwest Side Saturday afternoon. 

According to the Chicago Police Department, around 12:39 p.m. a 46-year-old man was walking to his parked car in the 7600 block of South Cicero when he saw someone trying to break into it. 

An exchange of gunfire ensued between the attempted car thief and the car owner, who is a FOID and CCL holder. 

After the shootout, the attempted car thief got into a nearby vehicle and fled, causing a traffic crash in the 7900 block of South Pulaski Road, according to CPD. 

The victim was transported in fair condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the hand and left thigh.

One suspect suffered a graze wound to the head and was transported to a nearby hospital in good condition. 

Hopefully the good guy won’t have to worry too much about retribution or retaliation from the robbery crew or their friends or families.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDINGS: Carjackers thwarted by CCW at Chicago’s Ford City Mall Sunday just after high noon”
  1. Even better story. One of Gov FatAsses’ ‘Peacekeepers’ was arrested for helping a mob pull a victim out of a car, beat and then rob him. Turns out the sainted scumbag just got out of the joint after 10 years for doing a drive-by in 2012. Anyone think FatAss or anyone on his staff bothered to vet any of these clowns? My guess is 99% of them are ex-felons paid for by one of those taxpayer ripoffs that ‘helps’ convicts.

    How about we hear from FatAss or some other prominent Democrats about why they were hiring violent ex-cons to curb violence?

    1. Of course they are shitbags. Duh. Just like the crossing guards are drug dealers and murderers. It is the Chicago way.

      F that hellhole

  2. A happy ending would be a dead perp.

    A really happy ending would be several dead perps.
    But I still enjoyed it.

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