Last week, FoxNews “settled” a lawsuit filed by the Dominion Voting System for close to a billion dollars.  This week, they “parted ways” with their highest rated personality, Tucker Carlson.  They also sacked Dan Bongino.

In other words, they tried to out-stupid Bud Light.

No, that’s not a mistake or a click-bait title.  FoxNews canned Tucker Carlson today.  His last show was last Friday.

Here’s one of his last monologues.


The market has reacted to Fox killing the goose that was laying the golden eggs.  21st Century Fox’s stock prices lost about as much market cap as the settlement upon news of Carlson’s dismissal.

Here’s one Democrat’s reaction to the firing:


In the end, Carlson will land on his feet.  Check this out from Rasmussen Reports.


Tucker Carlson was a full-throated voice who wasn’t afraid to defend our right to keep and bear arms.  His ouster at FoxNews shouldn’t surprise anyone who has paid attention.  FoxNews is well on its way to following CNN and MSNBC into the dustbin of history.

3 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson out at FoxNews”
  1. Straight out of Dan Bongino’s mouth, he did not get sacked. They could not reach an agreement, so he ended his show.

  2. Fox fouled up. They’re about to find out how expensive their foolishness wii cost them.

    1. True that, Freddy, I doubt they find someone that will bring in that level of ratings for a loooonnnnggg time, many people I have heard/read about are disgusted with Fox and have been for a while. Personally, I think they have other hosts that are well worth watching/listening to and will continue to watch them. I really liked Tucker’s style of finding and blaring out the truth as well as focusing on “spin”/lies spread by the liars in government and other “news” organizations.
      My bet is he will still be around somewhere because he seems to have a passion for enlightening his audience and his faithful followers will continue to find him, Best of luck to him in whatever endeavor he pursues!

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