Leaders of the Democratic Party have selected – drumroll please! – Chicago to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention.  The event will take place August 19-22, 2024.  Folks, if there’s a month to stay far, far away from Murder City USA, August 2024 will be it.

Yes, the DNC chose the city where crime has more than doubled in the last two years.  Where over half of the highest priority 911 calls don’t have police available to respond.  A city where police actually solve 5% of serious crimes.  A city where violent arrestees, including those arrested for murder, are released on “electronic home monitoring” where they kill and victimize even more people as they await trial.

In short, it’s a perfect location to showcase failed public policies of Democrats leading the Land of Lincoln.

America will get a first-hand look at seedy underbelly that’s Chicago.

(Of course, they didn’t chose Florida for their convention – a state that’s worked to lower violent crime to 50-year lows under Ron DeSantis’ leadership!)

First on the news of the selection from Legal Insurrection:

Do you know why Chicago is called the Windy City? It’s windy. But do you know what causes the wind?

The hot air from all the politicians.

It’s about to get windier in Chicago.

The choice comes a month after Gov. JB Pritzker and other wealthy people in IL told the DNC if it chose Chicago, they would foot the bill.

The United Center will be the main site. Other business will take place at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

Officials expect up to 7,000 delegates and over 50,000 visitors. They will take up 30 hotels for the delegates.


Who else will show up?  Every radical group from Antifa to Black Lives Matter to the Alphabet brigade.  They’ll bring their black bloc uniforms, their black umbrellas and all the rest of their party favors and they’re gonna riot like it’s 1968


You thought the 2020 riots were bad?

Stock up on popcorn, folks.  It’s going to be a gas.


8 thoughts on “CHICAGO MAYHEM: Democrats pick Murder City USA for 2024 Convention”
  1. America will get a first hand look at the underbelly?
    Doubtful. It will all be covered up the the leftists in charge of the city, all with the cooperation of the MSM.
    What will probably happen is that the gangs will have their own convention, and agree upon a truce for the duration of the convention so that they can equally take advantage of all the gullible leftists coming to town.

  2. I smell a business opportunity !!! Renting U Haul trucks to the residents of Shitcago and body armor to the convention goers. Nothing like a nice hot, humid August day / night to bring the hoards out looking for mayhem !!!! This will be a hoot. If you don’t live in the Shitcago or Cook County area do 2 things…. 1) Thank God, 2) Find one of the online police scanners so you can listen live to all the fun !!!

  3. Chicago already is an overflowing sewer of Democrat scum that crushes everything south of I-80. The last thing we need are more of these parasites. Send them to Commiefornia.

  4. Summertime in Chitcago, wow, this ought to be the G.O.A.T (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) Circus with the tranny terrorists, the ANTIFA terrorists, BLM terrorists, all competing with the hometown gang-town terrorists all trying to out-terrorist each other, and by August, the police “force” ought to be diminished to practically non-existent. This will be the clown show to watch from afar maybe with a drone camera. Wonder how many call girls, street walkers, tranny street walkers, and other prostitutes and press-titutes will out plying their trade. They will have to bring in plenty of sex-worker children for all the kiddie-diddlers of the democRATiKKK party leaders and members. Saddam and Gamorah have nothing on Chitago! Maybe the Good Lord will send down lightning, tornados, earthquakes and pestilence the world has never seen to destroy the evil ones! We can only hope and pray for deliverance from the evil that will be invading an evil city.

    1. Maybe Putin will unleash one of his hypersonic missiles with a 50 megaton warhead aimed straight for “Chiraq”, but I don’t think Putin is in the mood to do us any favors.

  5. I think this will show the voters of Chiraq just how unprepared their new mayor and his ban the police policies are . In 68 Daly let the police bust heads , in 2022 ,Dufus will be marching with the scum.

  6. The mainstream media might try to bury the chaos. There will be plenty of others putting it out on the internet for people to watch. Just like during the 2020 riots.

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