Pope Francis lamented how often the little people use guns in self-defense in America and elsewhere in the world where civilian gun ownership and the right to keep and bear arms exists.

Yep, the pontiff thinks that gunmakers traffic in death.

So why then does the Swiss Guard have a whole armory at the Vatican?

Oh that’s right:  he’s special.

Bless his little heart.

Image by Oleg Volk. Used with permission.


From the AP:

Pope Francis lamented that the use of guns by civilians to defend themselves is becoming a “habit.”

In an interview on Tuesday with The Associated Press, the pontiff, who has frequently criticized the arms industry, was asked about the large number of guns in civilian hands and frequent massacres in the United States. Francis expressed concern about how recourse to guns has become “habit.”

“I say when you have to defend yourself, all that’s left is to have the elements to defend yourself. Another thing is how that need to defend oneself lengthens, lengthens, and becomes a habit,” Francis said. “Instead of making the effort to help us live, we make the effort to help us kill.”

Francis has denounced the arms industry as trafficking in death. Francis said he wants to draw attention to the problem by saying: “Please, let’s say something that will stop this.”

9 thoughts on “HEAVEN FORBID! Pope decries self-defense for the little people”
  1. I can’t be the only person in this world that thinks this pope is a godless communist!

    1. You are not the only one, the “woke” communist agenda has infiltrated the hierarchy in the Catholic religion in order to destroy all religious institutions, sad to say. Evil is rampant the world over. Pray for world peace but keep your powder dry, your weapons oiled and ready, and stockpiles of ammo.

  2. As soon as the pope gives up the Swiss guard. I’ll consider giving up my ability to defend myself. Not!!!

  3. A communist sodomite false-prophet anti-pope forerunner of the Antichrist sits on the throne in the Vatican … But he’s not the “pope”. For any disillusioned Catholics, read up on Canon 188. Ratzinger was the only pope, and now that he’s dead – the seat is vacant. This evil imposter is no more the Pope than my dead dog’s d-ck.

  4. Seen that goofy bastards picture again makes me angry. The worst pope in my lifetime. Probably not the worst Pope ever but certainly he’s in the running of the top 10

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