Governor Pritzker thought passing a massive gun control and gun registration measure would make him look statesmanlike and serve as a pillar of his upcoming presidential run.  It has not quite worked out that way.

In response, 90+ sheriffs, state’s attorneys and/or county boards have told the governor to pound sand.

Far from being a statesman or effective executive destined for national office, Pritzker suddenly looks weak and impotent in the face of widespread resistance from county sheriffs—of both parties.

And now, he had his equally inept buddy Kwame Raoul, the Illinois Attorney General, are lashing out at police.

First up, the latest from the guy who didn’t finish anywhere near first in his law class, Kwame Raoul, via The Center Square:

(The Center Square) – With some sheriffs saying they won’t enforce Illinois’ gun ban and registry, the state’s attorney general says there are ways to “do the job…”

Attorney General Kwame Raoul said Friday if local law enforcement won’t act, someone will.

“As law enforcement agencies, there’s overlapping jurisdiction as well, so if they don’t do their jobs, there are other people there to do the job,” Raoul said.

Maybe you can grab a rifle and lead the charge, Kwame.  Surely a man-child like you would not wilt from the opportunity to lead from the front, right Mr. Raoul?

And then there’s the really big guy himself, our illustrious governor, from NBC5:

A group of sheriffs from across Illinois have said that they do not intend to enforce portions of the state’s new assault weapons ban, a stance that does not sit well with Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Pritzker, who signed the bill into law on Tuesday, said that the announcements are nothing more than “political grandstanding” during an interview with MSNBC.

“It’s political grandstanding by elected officials. These are elected sheriffs,” he said.

This from a political hack who grandstands at every opportunity and ignores federal immigration laws on a daily basis.

Image via Reddit.

And this is almost two days old.  Most of those unshaded counties have gone red since this map was done.  If you have a newer map, leave a link in comments, please.


7 thoughts on “WEAKSAUCE FROM WEAKLINGS: IL AG: ‘If sheriffs won’t do their jobs, others will’ Gov: ‘Comply or hit the road’”
  1. What Illinois really needs is a law that states:

    Any politician that votes for or signs a law that is later deemed an unconstitutional law will be held responsible for any and all cost that is awarded to all plaintiffs.
    The award shall come from a reduction of current pay and a reduced pension.

    1. Violation of the oath should be immediate removal of the offending politician from office, and prosecution just as you would be for committing perjury in court.

  2. We, the People need to ban Assault politicians who have renounced the very oath they swore to upon instalment into office to uphold the Constitution but now assault the basic Constitutional Rights of their citizen constituents. They have no “honor” and therefore, their oath means nothing to themselves or to the constituents that have elected them to office. How do you spell “Treason”?

  3. This is a violation of the Illinois Constitution, Section 22, and is void on its face. Sheriffs, stand your ground.

    1. Mr. Edwards, Hello!
      The following is Section 22 of the Illinois State Constitution: “SECTION 22. RIGHT TO ARMS – Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

      During the time of the Illinois Constitutional Convention (1969-1970), this in an explanation of the term “Police Power” offered by Delegate Leonard Foster: “[T]he police power of the state is an absolute right of the state to pass reasonable regulations dealing with the public health, safety, welfare and morals. These must be reasonable. They cannot be capricious and arbitrary. In general, the committee feels that the state has the right to . . . regulate firearms; that is to say, to determine who can have them and under what circumstances. It would have the right to make the owner of a firearm identify himself and get a card, as is required now under state law. . . . [T]he state would have the right, as has been exercised by the city of Chicago, to require the registration of firearms—if necessary, every one by serial number. And finally, we feel that under this provision, the state would have the right to prohibit some classes of firearms, such as war weapons, handguns, or some other category.21” Source: An Illusory Right?
      Revisiting Illinois’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms. by Sam Zuidema. Aug 30, 2018 2018 U. Ill. L. Rev. Online 228.

      In Section 22, the State givith, and the State takith away in one sentence.

  4. ‘This is the story of muh life’ Kwame is a dimwit. He might want to go talk to the ISP rank and file before he volunteers them for the mission of harassing law abiding gun owners and trying to turn them into instant felons. I doubt you will find many zealots there.

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