We were going to bid farewell to our old “friend” Adam Kinzinger but life has kind of gotten in the way of extracurriculars like this.

Adam Kinzinger, the back-bench, do-nothing House member with emotional incontinence has actually served for a dozen years.  Wow.  Most folks who serve for twelve years at least have something to point to for accomplishments.  But not AK, who campaigned as pro-gun and then advocated for gun control once he drank the water in Washington.  

Like I noted, we intended to wish him a miserable retirement from Congress and a drama-filled life afterwards with a scathing farewell.

But then Tucker Carlson offered his own goodbye to Kinzinger.  

Yeah, we recognized when we are outclassed by the pros at FoxNews.  We know greatness when we see it.

So we’re sharing Tucker’s goodbye message to Adam Kinzinger because he summed it up so much more nicely than we could have done.

Hey Adam, the only thing that Tucker missed was this little ditty.  See if you can figure out the hidden message.



4 thoughts on “BYE FELICIA: Our farewell to gun rights Quisling Adam Kinzinger”
  1. Speaking of emotional incontinence, if you haven’t seen the pathetic John Boner speaking at the Piglosi gathering, it’s worth a look.

    1. I have seen it and it is really pathetic, “Bonehead” Boener was/is an idiot and it is uncomprehensive that he was speaker? for the dumbocrat opposition “party”, he was a “go-along-to-get-along” fool, what a disgrace to “manhood” displayed for the world to see.

  2. Good or not, the back-stabber will be out of the House, thank the Good Lord. Let him cry himself to sleep, we won’t have to watch.

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