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Yes, the Illinois General Assembly leadership see the election returns as some sort of a mandate to continue governing from the hard left. In fact, given the political persuasion of some of the new Illinois House members, the hard left might not suit them as “far enough.”

It seems certain that gun control legislation will sit near the top of their menu. Our police will also sit near the top of the menu. And for the record, we don’t have the votes to block anything. Period.

However, unlike the police, we have something in our back pocket: the Bruen Supreme Court precedent.

If the Legislative Black Caucus runs a bill to ban guns or magazines, a lawsuit is sure to follow. What’s more, these new gun control law(s) will likely be blocked even before taking effect, providing we can find courageous individual plaintiffs and folks or organizations willing to fund legal challenges.

Yes, if our side wins, we will probably get reimbursed but there’s still an outlay of billable hours until a decision comes down.

So don’t panic about the alcohol-loving leadership in Springfield when it comes to passing gun control laws.

You should instead focus your spare time, treasure and life’s energy to preparing for other aspects of their rule. Build relationships with like-minded friends and relatives. Support one another when, not if, times grow tougher.

Sign up for self-defense legal coverage, so you can have a top tier legal team representing you against a woke prosecutor if you’re forced to punch a bad guy’s ticket.

Practice sharpening your situational awareness against potential bad guys. Thwarting an attack before it happens beats using your gun to end the threat. Of course, carry the tool(s) necessary to repel those violent criminals not smart enough to pick someone else to victimize.

Consider hardening your residence against burglaries as those crimes will be part of “get out of jail free” crimes following arrest. Cameras, security window film, better energy-efficient lighting, and good locks will help deter burglaries and home invasions.

Ready your residence for potential power outages, including both electricity and gas. That means a backup generator and a backup heating source. That also means socking away some stabilized gasoline and potentially kerosene as well if that’s your backup heat plan.

If the worst does happen, you always have the option of packing up and moving to a free state. Although you might have to pay your first born child for a one-way U-Haul rental out of Pritzkerland.

For now though, you have your job as well as friends and family here in the Land of Lincoln. Friends and family are priceless. Don’t be quick to leave them.


3 thoughts on “No need to panic, or pack, for now…”
  1. Demoralizing to say the least John. “Emotional damage!” Either pack up and leave or be prepared for civil non-compliance and deal with the consequences until it all gets hashed out…No guarantee it will in our favor…Just sad. I’m ready to leave man. Thanks for the push to hold out anyway. Can’t say it worked though. The pro 2A community has gotten thinned out as folks flee the state (and old + complacent) I want to believe there is something we can do to stop the toxic anti 2a before it spreads any further. Thank you for all your hard work over all the years.

  2. it isn’t a sure thing it will pass this year. It still has to get through the senate and they only got 17 co sponsors for the assault weapons ban in the senate. Last time a mag ban was voted on in the senate it failed and the numbers there are the same. Everyone needs to call their state reps and tell them to vote against this. The good news is the hearing on this was canceled. Likely due to them being told they dont have the votes because of the backlash.

  3. Leaving would be expensive. Staying might be expensive in both money and liberty. I’m in for a hundred bucks for lawyers to sue the bastards, but you better win!

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