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CWB Chicago has the story of a man and a woman in a nice hotel in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago coming face-to-face with a sex-crazed intruder in their room.  The couple with the man’s brother, were spending the night sans any firearms for personal defense.  With one brother out of the room near check-out time, they heard a knock at the door of their room.

Thinking it was the brother, the male half in the room opened the door.  At that point, the fight was on.

CWB has the rest…  and there’s a lot…

A Chicago man was held without bail on Wednesday after prosecutors accused him of forcing his way into a Streeterville hotel room, attacking two men, and making statements about a “rape fantasy.”

Pasquinel Taylor, 43, was already on a recognizance bond for misdemeanor criminal trespass to a residence after allegedly being found sleeping in a stranger’s Boystown home without permission on October 28.

Two brothers and a woman were sharing a room at the Sheraton Grand Chicago, 301 East North Water Street, when one of the men heard a knock on the door and a male voice around check-out time on Tuesday, officials said. Thinking that his brother was knocking, the man opened the door. But it wasn’t his brother who was knocking.

The other brother then showed up and both suffered serious injuries requiring hospital treatment.

And Mr. Taylor, the home invader of the hotel room? 

Dale-Schmidt said Taylor has several felony convictions, including forgery in 2000, manufacture-delivery of methamphetamine in 2017, possession of methamphetamine last year, and unspecified charges in California. He also received a four-year federal prison sentence for manufacturing and passing fraudulent checks in 2006.

His public defender described the victims’ injuries as “relatively minor.” The lawyer also told Judge Kelly McCarthy that Taylor “had plans to start in the general labor division of the CTA on Monday.”

Taylor is charged with home invasion, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal trespassing.

He was supposed to start work for the CTA.   Wow.  What sort of folks are they hiring?

So, who wants to spend a night or two in Chicago for business or recreation?

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  1. Sure makes one disenclined to plan anything in Chicago! Ride the CTA, ha! Good city government strikes again !!

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