by Justin Thyme, a GSL member
The November 8th, 2022 Election Day is just days away. For many, mid-term elections like this one are often treated with less importance than presidential elections.

They are not less important. Obviously big changes in voter sentiment can cause big changes in our nation’s leadership, but only if people take the time to vote.

In Illinois, thanks to redistricting, all of our House and Senate seats will face election this year. You may now live in a new district, so it may require a bit of quick research to see who’s running to represent you. If you voted in the primary election, you already have a preview, of course.

What’s more, 2022 serves as our state’s gubernatorial election year, similar to a “presidential” election for our state. This race is for “all the marbles” within our state.

Not only that, but important positions such as Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Comptroller are on the ballot. These positions are often used as stepping stones for higher offices, and they also can influence election integrity (or the lack thereof). It is important to have qualified people of integrity in these positions.

Down ticket races for local offices such as county boards, school boards, judges and the like are also important. Remember, the more local the politician, the more influence they have on your family’s daily life.

For instance, these local leaders may decide issues like property taxes, school policies, roads and other city and county ordinances. These directly affect you, your family and your pocketbook.

Don’t be afraid to research candidates. Communicate with them if you have questions about prior votes or positions. They usually will have a “Contact” link on their websites.

Remember Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11th. It’s the day we set aside to honor those who have served our country in a military capacity. Without their service, Election Day may no longer exist in our country.

Through the service and sacrifice of our military heroes whom we honor on Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day, we have the right and responsibility to vote! Voting is one way to express our appreciation to our servicemen and service women. Many thanks to those who serve!

Your mission between now and Election Day should be to get as many sane and sober people who normally don’t vote to go to the polls this year and vote. Do whatever you need to do to motivate them. Remind them about their hot button issues and how those have been handled in the past few years. Urge them to go vote for change.

If we don’t vote, we’ve can’t complain about the government we get.