The Illinois General Assembly adjourned this morning.

In the past couple of days, Illinois gun owners dodged one bullet but we were savaged by two other bills.

Kathleen Willis’ bill to mandate fingerprints for FOID cards passed the Illinois House.  It failed to get a vote in the senate because the votes weren’t there for it.  Instead, a competing bill offering voluntary prints for a lifetime FOID bill had the support of “moderate” Democrats.  Moderate referring to the position on guns.

That bill, reintroduced in a shell bill HB652, did pass the Senate.  Problem is, it had all manner of gun control added.  For a complete run-down, visit The Truth About Guns and read all about who among the gun rights community negotiated a terrible deal for Illinois gun owners.  The story is scheduled to go live at noon.  You’ll be shocked.  I was.

I’ll post it here tomorrow as my work is embargoed for 24 hours at TTAG before I can republish a modified version here.

In other bad news, HB1092 passed.  It requires a pro-forma concurrence vote in the House but will likely take effect in July-ish 2022.  It uses your tax dollars to encourage filing of Red Flag orders.  If you don’t have legal defense coverage for Red Flag hearings, you better get your ducks in a row.