A bunch of Texas firearm instructors signed a letter to legislators urging them to oppose Constitutional Carry.  Why?  Well, to most of us, it looks like they oppose Constitutional Carry because the great state of Texas would no longer require people to take a 4-hour concealed carry class as part of the licensing process.

The letter was originally crafted by Raul Camacho.

Raul Camacho
Chief Firearm Instructor & Organizer
Safety Measures, LLC
Leander, TX512-953-7255

Of course he likes the current system in Texas!  He gets to print $50 bills all day long and twice on Sunday!

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that only a couple of the other signers were willing to put their names on the letter for public consumption. 

However, the original letter to lawmakers was leaked.  After all, did these Second Amendment Quislings think freedom-minded legislators were going to keep this bit of treasonous behavior quiet?

Now, the names have been leaked.

Let them face the music for their opposition to freedom.