Jason Vanderbrink is back again.  He is the president of four major ammunition manufacturers.   His last video discussing how his companies are working to produce as much ammunition as possible has garnered nearly two million views.

He has a new video where he answers some of the most common questions from gun owners across America about the availability of gun food. Spoiler alert: You’re not going to see primers returning to retail shelves any time soon.

For those with attention deficit disorder, here are the Cliff’s Notes:

First off, Vanderbrink says they’re doing everything they can to protect their workforce from the Chinese flu. While doing so, they’ve manufactured more hunting ammo in 2020 than in any previous year of their existence.

He points to some of the complexities of ramping up production including raw material availability. That just doesn’t happen on a dime.  Not only that, but he noted that prior to 2020, there was excess capacity in the system during the previous three years.

They’ve reacted as best they could to the 2020 surge in demand. “We made a LOT more hunting ammo in 2020 than we have in the 99-year history of our company,” he said.

As for primers, he tackled that topic saying that their primer production has been dedicated to feeding their factory ammo production before any excess is packaged and distributed to America’s reloaders.  Until and unless they catch up on ammunition orders, they won’t have excess primers to sell.

So there you have it. He’s running ammo production at four of America’s most prolific ammunition producers: Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington and working like crazy to try to keep Mr. and Mrs. America stocked with ammo.