by John Boch
GSL Executive Director

Joe Biden has been proclaimed the president-elect, per some in the mainstream media.  Take that for what it’s worth.  This leaves gun owners in a very precarious position.

What happens now?

In the past couple of days, I have talked with several trusted, key people.  People from government, the Trump campaign, the NRA-ILA, and other leaders in the gun rights movement.  They have each offered unique insights, both public and private, into what they expect will happen and how we can best prepare.

In a nutshell for right now:  have faith and give the system an opportunity to do the right thing.  Yes, the Deep State is real and well entrenched.  However, there are lots of good people in key positions who may well step up and do the right thing.

For an in-depth look at where we’re at and where we are likely to be in the coming months both here in Illinois and nationally, come on out to the Guns Save Life meeting in Rantoul at the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday, November 10th I will give an outlook presentation as the main speaker.  The meeting program begins at 7pm.  No food will be served though, so eat at home before coming out or pick something up and eat it while driving.

Also, GSL will meet on Thursday, November 12th in Charleston, IL at the Unique Banquet Center.  GOOD FOOD WILL BE SERVED.  Dinner and conversation start at or before 6pm.  The program begins at 7pm.  If there is no speaker program, I may share the outlook presentation there as well.


One word of caution:  We all know that basically three-quarters of Americans believed that Civil War was a possibility, especially after the lawlessness we all saw this past summer. 

Like many of our GSL members (and 75% of everyone else), I count myself in that category.  

Right now though, we aren’t in a civil war and it’s not likely to start by January 20, 2021.  At the same time, I think it’s fair to say that the nation took one big step closer to Civil War 2.0 with the election fraud that permeated these Democrat-run big cities. 

Like many Americans, I watched with both disbelief and cold anger at these claims that 136,000 Biden votes are “found” in the dead of night in Michigan and just coincidentally, not a single vote was found for President Trump.  Along with hundreds of thousands of other “found” votes in other cities, usually in the dead of night or after the “counters” expelled Republican observers. 

I’ve seen this on the web. Not sure it’s accurate, but it’s hard to tell. Don’t believe me? Try googling ” number of registered voters in Wisconsin” and tell me what you get? (Hint: What is google hiding?)

I shake my head reading about how in Detroit, votes came in from folks born well before the American Civil War.  Or the 93%+ voter turnout in Wisconsin.   I wonder how in Milwaukee where a dozen or more precincts had turnout over 100% but we’ve got to count every vote according to Joe Biden and company.   Or in other cities or states where counting is suspended.

The caution…  Don’t be talking about overthrowing an illegitimate government or killing people like kooky Keith Olberman does of late.  You’ll sound as loopy and loony as Mr. Jock Sniffer himself.  Unlike Olberman, you don’t enjoy the protection of the coming from the elite class.

Joe Biden may well become our next President, and in short order, Kamala Harris will take over.  Between the two of them, they’re going to come after guns but their abilities will be limited by both the US Senate (hopefully in the short term) and the US Supreme Court in the longer term.  They won’t have carte blanche to do what they want.


8 thoughts on “BIDEN “WINS.” What now?”
  1. For once I am a little more optimistic than John. If Biden indeed wins, he will be in the worst possible position regarding guns. He cannot move any gun control ahead in Congress, and his socialist supporters will demand he take action on their crazy wish list instead. Yes, he can sic the BATFE on us for a while, but the chances of a really good Second Amendment case making it to SCOTUS, and being a long term win for us is high. Pollsters and the MSM have been shown to be totally out of touch with reality, and their credibility is non-existent.

  2. I am member #5977 and when I joined I thought you would fight the FOID card in court and have more guts than the ISRA that I am also a member. Grow some balls and tell the people to revolt against all neww gun laws.

  3. Dale, I hope you are right, but I just don’t have your faith in humanity. Throughout history it has been proven time and again that when a corrupt system takes control, those with faith suffer.
    The Jewish people have still not recovered completely, the Templar Knights, although accused of some dastardly deeds themselves, were destroyed. the list goes on.
    As I said, I hope you are right and we can survive this assault on our rights, but I will still be watching for the black booted thugs with a government ID coming to bring me the hope, change, and well wishes of our new dear oligarch.

  4. Unfortunately too many people in this country have too much stuff to loose to risk loosing everything by fighting back. I haven no elusions about what happens to someone who takes on the government alone. But I have made the decision that I do not expect to win a fight with the government. When they come for me I just want to take as many of the bastards with me as I can.

  5. American veteran – you would not be alone. I would stand with you. There are millions of patriots willing to to fight for liberty.

  6. Hey John,
    Now, this isn’t here in Illinois, but it is interesting. You might want to check on this one. From what I have heard the state of Montana has passed through their state government a bill which declares the whole of their state to be a “Gun Sanctuary” state.
    Yes I understand that has little chance of happening here, but one can dream. Or just move to Montana.

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