Trafalgar Group polling was very good in 2016.  In fact, they called it for Trump in the days ahead of that year’s election, bucking the common consensus of all the junk polling unit.

Here’s their latest, as of Friday morning.  There is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for old Joe and his pedo-loving son Hunter.  But it might just be a mirage.


We don’t have the back-end numbers to see other than it was heavily favored to females (55% to 45%).

Here are some other states.



How about the Tarheel State?

Next up, Arizona.

The Buckeye State is next.  (Ohio for the low-info types.)

How about the land of cheese… aka Wisconsin – our northern neighbors.  Joe’s supposedly up by 1%.  Did anyone remember to factor in the 17% of Trump supporters who don’t want to express their preferences?  Especially after Kenosha and Milwaukee in the past couple of months?

And Georgia?

Minnesota… the state that hasn’t gone to a Republican since… the 1970s?

And Louisiana?

Don’t take Minnesota to the bank just yet.  Remember, 17% of Trump voters are VERY reluctant to reveal their true feeling to pollsters.

So, with one state two states – Minnesota (and maybe Wisconsin) – reporting a Biden lead, there’s precious little good news for the guy whose drug-addict son acts as the bag man for “donations” from China and other nations seeking access and favorable treatment from the USA.

Fair disclosure:  As a member of Team Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition Team, my opinion is slightly biased.  

Who is that guy front and center?

Having said that, at this point, given the enthusiasm CHASM between Biden’s comatose campaign and Trump’s well-attended events, I see a Trump blowout come Tuesday night.

270 electoral votes?  

I predict mid-300s minimum.  

In fact, this has the potential to be a Bush-Dukakis blowout.  Remember that race?  

That’s 426 electoral votes if you don’t have your calculator handy and you’re not a math savant.

Yeah, yeah.   I’m not predicting California and Illinois going to Biden (typo!) Trump, but Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa?  You bet.

Who knows.  Illinois might even go to Trump if voter fraud is minimized.



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  1. Thanks for the positive info. Please pray for Trump. Please volunteer for your local pro gun candidates.

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