Bloomington’s Back the Blue rally drew close to 700 supporters Sunday afternoon.  Meanwhile, at the entrance to the private GE Park, about 40 radicals rallied against the police.

Inside the park, it was very solemn at times, and always patriotic.  In fact, it was almost festive.  A whole lineup of speakers told their stories and rallied the audience.  What’s more, there was ice cream and refreshments available.

On the street outside, passersby gave all manner of support to police working traffic control and security outside the park and across the street.

Obviously, the cops needed to watch the parking lot for vandalism by the cop haters.

Outside the park, a number of social misfits yelled chants and rude comments to police supporters as they entered the park.

And they had some real special people outside that park.

This man banged on a drum and when people verbally pushed back at his chants, his favorite refrain involved some form of the f-word.  He was a real communications specialist.

Her shirt says it all.  What could possibly go wrong with releasing America’s prisoners?

These two particle physicists worked to change channels on their $10 Baofeng radios (UV-888s) while dressing up for the occasion.

This special snowflake came inside posing as a supporter of the police.  He proceeded to where a number of kids were playing and started mouthing all manner of not-so-family friendly remarks against police.  He was promptly “escorted” to the front where he was arrested.  It is unknown if he was a registered child sex offender.

As the afternoon wore on and the anti-police folks outside grew more desperate, they became even more aggressive against the law enforcement supporters.

Above, Sonny Garcia, a local communist activist, tried to provoke a response from some young people as they entered the park.  As he livestreamed them, he repeatedly tried to bait them.  He suffered an epic fail.

The young folks were more amused than intimidated.  Sonny Garcia’s momma never taught him much in the way of manners.

Here’s another group highly amused by the childish chants of the heckling protesters.

All the while, Sonny Garcia, a building service worker for Illinois State University kept up his hectoring and badgering.

He continued his schtick many times, harassing this couple, too.

Sonny, the ISU janitor and union activist, wasn’t watching where he was going and almost ran into me.

His right hand union organizer goon (from the Communications Workers of America Local 34071 – a media labor union) threatened me right in front of a Bloomington cop.  But he didn’t have the stones to carry out his threat.

Meanwhile Sonny sticks his phone in my face.  He probably thought he could use my image to invoke the left’s cancel culture against me.  He and his friends already tried that and failed miserably just a month ago.  That story is in this current issue of GunNews.

And the sergeant told him to stay back.

Not everyone appreciated Sonny’s radical activism.  And the black bloc dude in the orange vest?  Judging by how he carried himself, I’d say he drinks a lot of soy.

Mr. “Illinois is better served without ICE” shirt / Black Lives Matter sign went off on this man who disagreed with his lecturing.

He did this with a lot of folks.

Same guy screaming at someone else before an officer stopped his pursuit of someone who brought up black-on-black crime in Chicago.  “If black lives really mattered to you,” the police supporter said (paraphrased), “then why aren’t you protesting up there.”

The rest of the anti-police group, even the ones that didn’t color their hair with Krylon paint, were equally crude, rude and obnoxious.  Not that using Krylon to color one’s hair is a bad thing.  No, winning friends and influencing people has never been their strong suit.

The green shirted man-bun guy was about to offer a limp-wristed roundhouse to the old man before others interceded.

Frankly, the only thing that kept it a “peaceful protest” was the fact that a majority of the “Back the Blue” participants came strapped, and the large number of uniformed cops were also present.

What else did we notice?

This demonstration, like many other “Black Lives Matter” events, was a little short on black activists.  I think I counted three or four out of forty people present.  Aside from Sonny Garcia and his fellow union goon, the rest, by and large, were non-black Democrat operatives with bylines (media) or (possibly) college students.

The anti-police demonstrators want to “defund” the police, end cash bail releasing arrestees without consequence for their crimes and “de-incarcerate” our prisons.

At the same time, they seek to ban gun ownership and the right to self-defense.

If you’re unsure of that, just take a look at the Black Lives Matter website.

41 thoughts on “PEACEFUL THANKS TO GUNS: Back the Blue in Bloomington sees big pro-police crowd, harassment of attendees entering and arrest of anti-cop heckler”
  1. imagine being a reporter, and then acting like this in all of your articles. you were getting in OUR faces, prick.

    1. The strange part of this claim is that none of the people in the photos had guns. This reporter needs to figure out how to count guns on photographs.

  2. Straight up liar, John. You know for a fact I wasn’t threatening you, I WAS pointing & telling the Sergeant you don’t have press credentials.

    WTF would I threaten you, I’ve trained with you at Krav Maga. I’ve met your twin boys.

    Don’t be disingenuous.

    1. Lol. We were there and witnessed it, commie liar. It’s good that we know who you are, you’ve been identified

    2. What disqualifies John as press? Writing or editing a 24 page newpaper? Also, your friends that were protesting called an elderly lady walking with a walker in front of me a mother fu$&);g racist bitch. Way to stay classy and on point.

    3. Press credentials? You’re hanging your hat on that, Adam?

      You wrote, “WTF would I threaten you, I’ve trained with you at Krav Maga. I’ve met your twin boys.” Yeah, I thought the same thing. The picture is worth a thousand words. Does “he doesn’t have press credentials” match that body language?

      And, by the way, the Supreme Court says I don’t need press credentials. But even if I did, does writing and editing for a monthly journal with a greater circulation than weekdays at the local Pantagraph qualify me as a “media” member?

      Or maybe me writing for the web’s largest gun blog?

      BTW: You’re minutes from becoming famous on the front page of The Truth About Guns. National circulation approximately that of “Guns and Ammo” …. every two days.

  3. WOW, John, the “anti’s” are hateful in Bloomington, good pictures, looks like a good turnout, I went to Urbana’s “Back the Blue the previous weekend, they said 500 showed up, well spread out, only a couple “anti’s” and they were pathetic, no yelling, etc. just a couple homemade signs. Pledge of Allegiance, and National Anthem with LOTS of cheering. Lot of cars honking, going by as well.

  4. Although I am a proponent of 2A rights, I must say that this “peaceful because of guns” bullshit is a stretch, even for a right wing chucklefuck such as yourself. Per IL law, the firearms were concealed (out of sight), and thus largely out of mind. I asked a handful of local comrades who attended the counter-rally if they even thought about you bootlickers being armed, and 80% said no. No one at all said they’d have done anything differently if your weapons had been visible, so your whole premise is just a dumbass’s fantasy.
    You’re a stupid joke, John.

    1. Yeah, I just bet you’re a staunch proponent of 2A rights.

      Another communications specialist from Antifa.

  5. Well, looks like John is right over the target delivering effective ridicule and criticism. Otherwise these folks wouldn’t be here howling like wounded gazelles. They don’t like how it feels with the shoe on the other foot. Keep doing what you’re doing John. It is why my whole family belongs to GSL.

  6. Great pictures and Great post!! We appreciate your support. Back the Blue Central Illinois What a GREAT RALLY!! You know how you shut up the haters? Ask them what they have done for their community lately? Crickets. We will be working to sit down and have conversations with those interested in talking. The organizers are well aware of those willing to talk and those who were just being agitators. There is a difference. I think both sides can learn from each other, but there has to be a meeting to determine that. BTBCI will come to listen and learn. Will they? Time will tell. Thanks

    1. If I had a daughter, I would have a HUGE problem with someone that doesn’t even know her, calling her a whore, just based on her social media account.

      You see…. Words, just like actions, have consequences. Not to mention that passing judgment on someone isn’t our place……
      Something about a splinter and a plank come to mind.

      P.S. – rule of thumb….. If you don’t know what the meaning of a word is….. It’s best not to use it


      see definition #2. Seems to fit the gov’s daughter pretty well given her posts.

      Besides, what father who has an 18-year-old daughter wouldn’t want her to have an armed bodyguard when she goes out to the bars drinking (also in her photos).

      I stand by it Ken. If that’s the best you’ve got to cancel me, you need to try a lot harder. You’re just an annoying gnat.

  7. Why is it that the only time a black person’s life matters is when a black criminal is doing something against established laws, is “on the run” or hiding from a warrant, does something stupid to get the attention of the police, then tries to run, resists arrest, or turns and tries to shoot or knife arresting officers and gets killed or injured in his/her efforts? Is it the “lawsuit lottery”? Many families or “perps” get a windfall from a lawsuit against the city or police department, etc.

    Why aren’t the BLM crowd “protesting” in Chicago among the gangs killing themselves and innocent people around them because they have no “gun control” (aka: “hitting what you are aiming at”)?

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    1. no, “gun control” is hitting your target in a close “5-shot grouping”, Demonrats “control” is to try to control their “underlings” aka: “subjects” (in their mentally distorted “minds”)

  17. Great pics. Great story. Felt like I was there. Cops or not, if it had been night-time, I bet they black bloc thugs would have resorted to physical violence under cover of darkness. As they do elsewhere in America.

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