The National Rifle Association has felt the pain of the Wuhan virus pandemic. Bigly. The Virginia-based gun rights operation has reportedly laid off 60 employees and slashed salaries of plenty more. Supposedly the group’s leader, Mr. $20,000 suits himself, Wayne LaPierre would also take a cut in his $2M salary.

The nation’s oldest civil rights organization has faced all manner of turmoil in the last couple of years.  Last year, lawsuits flew after the messy divorce between the NRA and its public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen. And both parties have sued each other — repeatedly — over the breakup.

Attorneys general have investigations underway. Other investigations regarding the NRA’s failed Carry Guard program have resulted in settlements against the group.

The financial “challenges” have included a downturn in charitable gifts to the organization. Not surprising when news leaked out of LaPierre’s $20,000 suits.

The Politico has the story of the layoffs and salary cuts.

The National Rifle Association has laid off more than 60 employees in recent weeks, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

The move comes as the gun rights group faces acute financial challenges during the economic crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The association recently took a large financial hit when the pandemic forced the NRA to cancel its massive annual meeting. The group often makes millions of dollars off the event, from the fees people pay to attend to the funds raised from the convention. Its cancellation appears to have wiped out that revenue.

A spokesman for the group did not dispute the layoffs when asked for comment.

No doubt the NRA’s rank and file employees, who actually do the work, will likely suffer the most in these layoffs and salary cuts. Meanwhile, the troubled organization’s so-called leader Wayne LaPierre lives the high life. All while Joe and Jane Sixpack sacrifice to send their annual dues in for another year to support the noble cause of defending gun rights.

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  1. but wayne still be on the payroll – nra emulating the dindu dhimmi-rat d-suckers…paid for not working

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