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This Cannot Stand!

In her continuing effort to end our Second Amendment rights in Illinois, Representative Willis last week filed two new amendments to her “Fix the FOID” bill, SB1966 HFA1.  The new amendments, designed to remove the opposition of certain Chicago legislators, in no way makes this legislation acceptable to any in the pro-rights community.  These amendments are window dressing.  They are a charade.


Join us tonight filing opposition witness slips against SB1966 HFA2 and HFA3.  It is critical that slips be filed now.  The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9 AM.


Tomorrow morning, begin calling your State Representative expressing your opposition to any further infringements on our rights, whether via SB1996 in it’s many forms, or others.  Explain that the process used to push this though is a slap in the face of open government, and a slap in the face of all Illinois residents.  Calls should be made to the Springfield offices.

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SB1966 HFA2


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SB1966 HFA3


(Under Part III:  Position, select HFA3 from the pull-down menu)

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One thought on “CALL TO ACTION: Witness Slips Needed on Willis’ Latest Racist Gun Grab Bill”
  1. It seems as though the freedom hating racists are having trouble getting the votes to shove this mess threw. Downstate Democrats know they’ll get voted out for supporting this. I bet all kinds of backroom deals are being tried right now by Madigan and his Shi*cago regime to ram this threw. Keep the calls and emails going, it’s working. Just a few more days and we can send the Sow and her Everytown hate group home in total failure.

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