Sam Colt made people truly equal, as a pair of armed robbers learned the hard way when they forced their way into a Las Lunas, New Mexico home. The bad guy had a knife and his girlfriend/accomplice had an orange baseball bat. The homeowner, however, had a gun. He shot both the goblins.

Once shot, cops say the dynamic duo ran about 75 yards before collapsing. Both got ambulance rides to the local hospital for treatment. Sans the knife and the (safety orange?) baseball bat.


Stephen Benevides, 43, then received a free ride to jail where he now faces a slew of charges. His partner in crime, Brittany Torres, 34, will get the same upon release from the hostpital.

The Los Alamos Daily Post has the story:

State Police agents learned that Stephen Benevides, 43, and Brittany Torres, 34, were both armed with weapons when they knocked on the front door of a residence on Valencia Drive.

When the homeowner opened the door, Benevides and Torres forced their way into the residence demanding money from the homeowner. The homeowner was able to retrieve his personal weapon and fired several shots toward Benevides and Torres striking both of them. Benevides and Torres left the area on foot and were located on Canada Street.

…Benevides was booked into Valencia County Detention Center. He was charged with the following:

  • Aggravated Burglary 30-16-4A (2nd Degree Felony);

  • Attempt to commit a felony to wit Armed Robbery 30-28-1 (3rd Degree Felony);

  • Assault with the intent to commit a violent felony to wit Armed Robbery 30-3-3 (3rd Degree Felony); and

  • Conspiracy to commit a felony 30-28-2 (3rd Degree Felony).

Hopefully this Bonnie and Clyde pair will spend enough time behind bars to absorb the fact that a gun trups a knife and a baseball bat. Even an orange baseball bat.

2 thoughts on “Gun Trumps Knife and Baseball Bat in New Mexico Home Invasion”
  1. In NM 2d and 3d degree felonies carry 9 and 3 year prison sentences respectively. So Clyde is looking at 18 years possibly. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's plea bargained down to 3. If so, lucky Clyde, poor NM.

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