LIKE A BOSS: Austin PD Sergeant Adam Johnson.

How many of you practice shooting your pistola out to 100 yards or more?

Yeah, I know.  If you’ve bought one of those Taurus Turds that Guns & Ammo loves so dearly, there’s not really any point practicing as it has no sights.  The rest of us who have guns with sights though…  can you hit a man-sized target at 100 yards or more if you had to in a pinch?

Austin, Texas police mounted cop Sergeant Adam Johnson does and he can, even when under the incredible stress of firing at a man trying to kill innocent people – while holding onto his horse.  In the dark.  One-handed.

Johnson took down a lunatic would-be spree killer from 312 feet with his .40 S&W caliber pistol as the bad guy was shooting at Sgt. Johnson’s fellow officers.  Oh yeah, it was in the dark and Johnson was holding the reins of not one, but two police horses as he fired, striking the bad guy in the heart.

Johnson says his fellow officers who were advancing on the would-be spree killer (we’re not using his name because he deserves zero notoriety from his evil acts) are the ones deserving praise for bravery and courage under fire.  Johnson also believed there was a little divine intervention in the shot as well.


Here are a couple of videos:



11 thoughts on “LIKE A BOSS: Austin, TX police sergeant ends active shooter attack with 312′ pistol shot to the heart”
  1. Nice shot, Sergeant!

    312′ to the heart. Damn, I think there was something divine in that shot.

  2. Jesus. I thought hitting a full-size sihouette target at 40 yards was damn tough.

    100-plus yards in the dark?

    That makes Bill Oglesby look like an amateur.


  3. A friend sent this to me:

    Nothing like success stories about human garbage being sent to hell to bring holiday cheer. Give that cop a raise. For that matter, if I could hire Darren Wilson on to the [local] PD [where he lives] I’d do it yesterday.

  4. To the author of this article, right off the bat , a CPL holder taking a 100 yard shot is asking for prison time. Even if someone is shooting at you. A LEO doing it is iffy as well, but they will survive the fallout over a missed shot, a good guy CPL probably not. So your crack about the Taurus Curve is detracting from the story and ignorant at best, it is a .380 designed for concealed carry personal defense and certainly not designed for long range shots.

    1. Sometimes you get invited to a gunfight whether you wanna be there or not – carrying what you brung.

      If you gotta make a 30′ shot to save the day, and you have a Taurus Curve, you might as well as have nothing at all.

    2. PS: If it’s an active shooter and you, as a CCW holder, were to take that shot, I’m pretty confident you would get a pat on the back and not a night in jail.

      YMMV though, sir.

  5. You can definitely hit a man at a 100 yards using a handgun. I witnessed it, my partner using his 38 special service revolver lying prone on sand bags. It was during the day and he consistently hitting a 12″ round steel plate. This was done lying prone with a sand bag rest and a few shots to get on target. Now holding onto two horses, one handed standing shot, and firing in the dark at a 100 yards; that my friends is divine intervention. Liken to the play of the year in sports, this has to be the shot of the year.

  6. That was quite a shot and given the circumstances I agree with the “DIVINE” intervention a .40CAL is unreal I could see a 10mm their nasty but anyway a great job.

  7. Elmer Keith would be proud! For what its worth, my friends and I used to shoot at standing 2x4s at 100 yds with our revolvers; mine a Ruger Blackhawk and a S&W M28, both 6″ barrels and in .357 Mag. We were sitting, elbow resting in our knees, and we hit more than we missed. With practice, you can do it. But one handed, in the dark, and controlling 2 horses, what a shot!

  8. Sergeant, you are now a living legend. That may be the single greatest shot in law enforcement active shooter history, if not, history itself.

    Handgun, .40 cal, 104 yards away, in the dark, mounted, one handed, holding reins of two horses, versus a subject armed with Assault rifle who already dumped over 100 rounds, single kill shot to heart…

    There is no scenario where that level of difficulty can be duplicated unless it organically occurs again.

    Nerves of steel from the Sergeant.


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