We wrote last week that if authorities didn’t get a handle on the Michael Brown rioters in St. Louis that law-abiding gun owners would get a handle on suppressing the wanton looting and violence.

This principle was illustrated well in Dallas a couple of days later as three private citizens (pictured above) open carried their rifles while shadowing a Michael Brown march and rally in order to “stand between them and private property”.

The old adage about an armed society (at least arms in the hands of good people) is a polite society was proved true once more as not only was the crowd of Brown protesters well-behaved, but they didn’t destroy any property or close streets or freeways.  In fact, just the notice that good guy civilians with guns would be present was enough to deter 90% of the participants from a rally the day before where things got quite rowdy.

One could say the trouble-makers didn’t want any part of armed good guys standing between them and private property.

DALLAS (WFAA) – Three members of an open carry group called Come and Take It Texas had rifles over their shoulders as they followed a small group of Ferguson protesters who marched through downtown Dallas Wednesday night.

Unlike Tuesday night, protesters did not close streets nor did they walk onto a freeway. In fact, this crowd was about a tenth of the size from what Dallas saw 24 hours earlier.

…The open carry advocates said they respected the marchers’ right to protest but decided to show up to protect private property.

“We’ll stand between them and private property,” said Matthew Short, from Come and Take It.



5 thoughts on “WELL BEHAVED: Dallas Michael Brown rally & march tame thanks to three open-carriers”
  1. Thanks to armed citizens the protesters that actually want this to be peaceful and would rather not get gassed, shot with rubber bullets and fire hosed should be thankful these guys kept the thugs out.

  2. It happened in Missouri, too:


    A couple miles north of the police station, about six men stood in front of Greystone Plaza, a small shopping center that had been looted soon after the Michael Brown shooting in August. The men wore masks and carried handguns and AR-15 rifles.

    “I will definitely call police first,” in case the store sees trouble, said St. Louis Ink Tattoo studio owner Mike Cross, 35. “We are not trigger happy by any means. We all have families, and homes and vehicles and bills. So this place cannot go anywhere.”

  3. Funny how those Ferguson “agitators” don’t want anything to do with men who aren’t under the thumb of Democrat politicians…

    All these Ferguson a-holes are doing is to piss off those handful of Americans who actually have jobs who are stuck in a traffic jam because some non-productive minorities (read BLACKS) and their leftist/communist/socialist/SEIU white trash block the interstate to protest some robber getting shot dead after trying to disarm and beat to death a beat cop after Mr. Robber just committed a robbery.

    Or they anger the families intimidated by a bunch of feral hoodlums getting nasty with them while they try to watch their little kid sing Christmas carols at the mall.


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