Should high school seniors with an interest in guns be allowed to pose with the tools of their hobby in photos published in their high school yearbooks?

One school board voted unanimously to allow guns in photos, so long as they are handled safely.

Seems reasonable, right?  Hardly newsworthy, right?  Especially as most schools allow the same.

For the publishers of the New York Daily News, though, it’s scary news.

The big city mainstream media wrote about the vote by the Broken Bow school board in Nebraska, starting with the first sentence to create the impression that the school district is nothing but back-woods rubes who love their guns.

(New York Daily News) – Grab your guns – we’re taking school pictures!

Students in a rural Nebraska school district can “tastefully” pose with their firearms in senior portraits used for the yearbook, the Broken Bow school board voted unanimously Monday night.

“The board I believe felt they wanted to give students who are involved in those kinds of things the opportunity to take a senior picture with their hobby, with their sport, just like anybody with any other hobby or sport,” Superintendent Mark Sievering told the Omaha World-Herald.

Parents asked for the change, according to the superintendent, and the board’s 6-0 vote in favor sealed the deal. The rural community of some 3,500 people in central Nebraska, about 65 miles north of Kearney, will maintain its policy of no guns on school grounds.

5 thoughts on “THE HORROR! High school kids pose with tools of their hobby in senior photos”
  1. “The rural community… will maintain its policy of no guns on school grounds.”

    This, of course, will prevent anyone with evil in their heart from bringing guns on campus.

    Because, heaven forbid, they wouldn’t want to violate the policy before they begin murdering.

  2. Nice pictures and good looking kids. I like the last one, a boy with his dog and his rifle. totally classic America as it should be. sad that this country actually has pathetic thumb sucking liberals who find that wrong.

  3. Oh, the HORROR!!!

    Remember the Twilight Zone episode when a man and his family built a fallout shelter and incurred the annoying ridicule of his neighbors? Then, the sirens went off, and so did the neighbors. The same folks who were slapping their knees in paroxysms of laughter over the very idea of a fallout shelter were suddenly beating on his door trying to get in, insisting that he had a RESPONSIBILITY to protect them because they couldn’t protect themselves.

    The parallel to metrosexual anti-gun-rights people is inescapable.

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