Why, it wouldn’t fit the media template to report for weeks or months on end to cover a pair of black males killing a little white girl in Milwaukee, now would it?

We’ve spent months hearing about the supposed injustice in Ferguson, Missouri where a black thug robs a store, smashes a white cop’s face and gets himself shot dead.

Yet the same mainstream media sweeps black on white violence under the rug.  And, of course, there’s nary a peep from Sharpton and Jackson – because there’s no money to be made for them passing the plate at the local churches, nor are there any large corporations for them to shake down.

It’s not the first case of racial attacks by blacks on whites in Wisconsin.

(Conservative Treehouse) – To understand the intents and motives of the attackers you cannot take this single example alone. There is a pattern in Wisconsin, specifically Madison and Milwaukee going back to 2011.   In addition, in every case the media has avoided the racial component of the attacks.Example HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE where the assailants admit the goal is to beat up white people.

People magazine covers the story because the family donated the little girl’s heart for an organ transplant.


(Wounded American Warrior) – Two black males in Milwaukee walked up to the home of a white family, in a majority black neighborhood, and unleashed a hail of gunfire. A five year old white girl was murdered while sitting on her grandfather’s lap.

Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house. At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house. There may have been a third person driving a getaway car.

The house was located in a census tract that is 77% black and 14% white.

The Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee channel 6 have actually been trying to downplay the murder. They are falsly reporting that it was “a stray bullet.” That directly contradicts all the evidence found by police.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the entire western world right now. Imagine for one second that two white males walked up to a black occupied home, in a mostly white neighborhood, and opened fire. Imagine a five year old black girl was murdered while sitting on her grandfather’s lap. There would weeks of national coverage. There would be documentaries. The story would be revisited by the national media over and over for the next ten years.

For decades, Midwestern black street gangs have used racially motivated violence against white people as gang initiations. The most common form is mob attacks on white college students. However, more and more gang initiations are targeting random white people for shootings. There have been numerous fatalities. Black on white hate crime violence is also surging due to media agitation over Ferguson. A panel on MSNBC even urged blacks to “make white people feel uncomfortable.” A statement that seemed to greenlight black on white hate crime violence.

4 thoughts on “SILENCE: No outrage after black males kill 5-year-old girl sitting on her grandfather’s lap”
  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Sharpton, Jackson or Holder.

    The race baiters and those imbeciles on MSNBC who encourage and profit from inter-racial tensions deserve a special place in hell (and their names listed as defendants on a civil suit) for this cowardly premeditated act.

  2. I have a friend in St Louis who is black. He was concerned about what happened in Ferguson but as the facts came out he felt better about things, he was mostly concerned that his teenage son was suddenly afraid of the police. So discussions around the topic have come up on his Facebook page and I engaged a friend of his (not sure how close of a friend) who basically told me that since he doesn’t believe that black people live in a free and civil society, he doesn’t care if anyone does; e.g. “No justice, no peace” Real great way to bring about justice and peace, wouldn’t you say? And of course I had nothing that I could say with any authority on the topic since I was born white, it seemed that to him I was offensive just for being who I am; not racist at all. (I hope my friend isn’t a real friend with this guy, I can’t imagine that he is)

  3. How despicable, those dirty sub humans that killed this little angel will rot in Hell. the ” news ” that
    should report this is nothing but liberal racist scum and I hope they go out of business. Jackson and Sharpton are racist scum that feeds off the bottom. I ask God for 2 things, 1) Take special care of this little girl and 2) let ME be the next ” white Honkey m***** f***** ” that gets targeted.

  4. The dinosaur media will ignore and and all black on white crimes as long as possible. It does not fit the template they try to sell day after day. It reflects the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ that black people do that stuff, everyone knows it, and no one talks about it.
    I believe there is a race war coming, and theres more than a few on both sides who cannot wait. I think its inevitable, and once it erupts it will change our culture and country in ways that we have not seen in over 100 years. What wont change anytime soon is that white people are not allowed an identity, we are merely here to provide for less successful groups.

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